by | May 03, 2018 | 16:02

The motor home has bikes latched onto the back and was clocked doing about 55 miles per hour (88km/h) on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley with about 12 police cars trailing behind, NBC Los Angeles reports . The motor home finally stopped on a road in an orchard north of town where authorities surrounded it. "At that time we knew the suspect was armed", Hernandez said.

by | May 03, 2018 | 15:52

IRAN has "lied and is still lying" about its nuclear ambitions, Donald Trump's new secretary of state warned yesterday. Word of the consultations between Trump and Netanyahu serves to underscore perceptions of a coordinated bid by both leaders to bury the global agreement, which Trump has called "horrible" and Netanyahu has termed "terrible".

by | May 03, 2018 | 15:37

Dealing a blow to the scheme this past February, however, the Department of Health and Human Services unveiled new guidelines that will determine which health care providers are eligible for a share of the $286 million Title X dollars in the 2018 budget.

by | May 03, 2018 | 14:59

Twenty-two seats on Wolverhampton city council are up for grabs, including by-elections in Oxley and Graiseley. The overall results are not likely to come until Friday morning. "Child's Hill looks a clean three-way split between the big three parties, with the Tories and Labour neck and neck on a 32 per cent chance each and the Lib Dems on 26".

by | May 03, 2018 | 13:47

The best chance of severe storms accompanied by strong winds, large hail, vivid lightning and heavy downpours here looks to be later Wednesday night and Thursday morning and again Thursday afternoon/night. For those traveling the Kansas Turnpike during spring storm season, it's important to note that there are storm shelters along the highway should travelers need to take cover.

by | May 03, 2018 | 13:40

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a rare visit to Pyongyang, China's foreign ministry said Thursday on its official social media account. Trump has said the working hard to win the Americans' freedom. "North Korea summit, or he can send an envoy to take them back to the US before the summit", said Choi Sung-ryong, an activist pursuing release of North Korea's political prisoners.

by | May 03, 2018 | 13:28

But rather than wrestle with any of these important points or consider how they could better speak truth to power, many journalistic elites instead opted to condemn Wolf for her lack of decorum. It's well known by now that Michelle Wolf's controversial comedy routine at the annual event has been savagely vilified by Trump and his people, proving that Wolf's no holds barred performance was right on target.

by | May 03, 2018 | 13:02

Congress President Rahul Gandhi began the eighth phase of Jana Ashirwada Yatre. While he questioned Modi and the BJP on several issues, he also took aim at the Congress party. "We are only talking of the Congress or JDS candidate". "Is this your sanskar (culture)?" Speaking at a press conference in Bengaluru on Wednesday, Deve Gowda said, "He (Modi) understands what is happening in Karnataka".

by | May 03, 2018 | 12:29

Dramatic footage of the moment when police stormed the Mandalay Bay hotel suite of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock has emerged. Police are expected to release body camera videos Wednesday from two other officers who helped clear Stephen Paddock's room.

by | May 03, 2018 | 11:45

Aditynatah's preference for electoral politics at a time when he, as the state's chief minister, should have been visiting the affected families to wipe their tears is bound to be deemed insensitive. "So far, 27 people have died due to the disaster, including 12 in Bharatpur, 10 in Dholpur and 5 in Alwar". Officials said 157 animals were also killed across the state.

by | May 03, 2018 | 11:44

This one's not a real scene from Black Panther , but it might as well be. Months later, we're still not done discussing the many layers of cultural commentary found within blockbuster (and record-breaking!) film Black Panther . The couple argue over whether or not T'Challa is fit to be king and double down on possibly having children. Watch the deleted scene below. "It was the intention for the audience to really realize that Okoye and W'Kabi were husband and wife".

by | May 03, 2018 | 11:32

The SC on Monday told the Centre to file a draft scheme by May 3 on how to implement its order. The counsel appearing for State of Tamil Nadu objected to the time sought by the Centre to file the affidavit saying that even a single day can't be granted to the Centre as the elections in Karnataka were due on 12th and quoted the previous order of the court while emphasising on the time period of four weeks.

by | May 03, 2018 | 11:10

The cause of the explosion is unknown, though excessive fuel as well as smartphones, thrown onto the pile by ultra-orthodox Jews who oppose their use, may have led to it. Yeshiva site reported that 10 of the injured were taken to hospital. London Fire Brigade said it had responded to several other bonfires throughout the night, according to the BBC .

by | May 03, 2018 | 10:46

He didn't, and Tampa Bay capitalized. Palat made it 2-0 just 92 seconds later on a shot that deflected off Bruins defenceman Torey Krug and into the net. What a way to open the scoring. Boston did find some offense late in the period. He stopped all 34 shots he faced for his second shutout of the postseason.

by | May 03, 2018 | 10:31

The United States has been demanding the North free Kim Hak-song, Kim Sang-duk and Kim Dong-chul and reports have said the two sides were close to reaching a deal on their release. "We are hopeful but we have no indication that they have been released". Kim was a professor at Pyongyang University for Science and Technology (PUST), the country's only privately-run academic institution.

by | May 03, 2018 | 10:15

These cases appear to suggest that patterns of abuse of journalists that Human Rights Watch and Article 19 documented countrywide in a joint May 2017 report have continued. Press freedom plays a crucial role in promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability. We reckon that speaking truth to power has often come with painful backlashes and it is our hope that the government will continue to work with various media groups and stakeholders to ensure a conducive operating field.

by | May 03, 2018 | 10:12

US President Donald Trump hinted Wednesday that there would be imminent news about three Americans detained in North Korea, after sources said they had been relocated ahead of their possible release. As there is little information on their status, there is also a possibility that any refusal to consume the media provided during education sessions could result in further punishment of these individuals, particularly if they disparage the North Korean government in the process.

by | May 03, 2018 | 10:07

The manufacturing sector recorded its 20th straight month of expansion last month, although the pace of growth has steadied over the past six months, according to figures out yesterday. The year-on-year growth rate in unsecured consumer lending tumbled to 8.6 percent, its slowest since November 2015, down from 9.4 percent in February.

by | May 03, 2018 | 09:53

Both publications report that the company is seeking to raise $ 10 billion , and that the company would be valued at $100 billion as a result. The documents Xiaomi filed Thursday shed some light on its finances, showing revenue soared almost 70% previous year to around 115 billion yuan ($18 billion).

by | May 03, 2018 | 09:50

Clark, a father of two, was shot multiple times and killed by police in his grandparents' backyard while unarmed. The Clark family had previously called on forensic pathologist Dr. "A doctor can not say another doctor is wrong. All you can say is, I don't agree with the opinion of that doctor". A toxicology report released by police said Clark had traces of nicotine, cannabis and hydrocodone in his system.

by | May 03, 2018 | 09:42

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was not clear if the air strikes in the Hassakeh province were carried out by the US-led coalition or the Iraqi air force. State Department said. Syrian state media said on Tuesday that rebels near Homs province have agreed to give up their territory to government forces as part of a surrender deal, CNN reported .

by | May 03, 2018 | 09:39

First Selectman Michael Freda says the officers suffered cuts, abrasions and bruises, but their exact condition and that of the suspect and his family weren't immediately known. Video shows police rushing to the scene and a raging fire. New Haven cops are pitching in Wednesday night with an unfolding tragedy in North Haven.

by | May 03, 2018 | 09:36

The Pentagon says a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention center has been sent to his native Saudi Arabia to serve out the remainder of his sentence. The transfer has been made in coordination with the Saudi government to verify all procedure standards and humane treatment are being followed carefully, according to the release.

by | May 03, 2018 | 06:02

Dubbed as the "Heartbeat" bill , many critics say the new law would ban abortions before many realize they're even pregnant. The Supreme Court declined to review each state's case after the lower court prevented the laws from taking effect.

by | May 03, 2018 | 05:51

The firm at the centre of the Facebook data-sharing scandal, Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy, is closing down. Facebook confirmed the charge in April and informed that the data of a total of 87 million users was used without authorization by the data firm.

by | May 03, 2018 | 04:45

The eight women and children walked through a door into the San Ysidro port of entry on the bidding of a customs and border patrol officer, a Reuters witness said, hours after Vice President Mike Pence promised they would be processed in line with USA law.

by | May 03, 2018 | 04:45

Cambridge Analytica has been accused of vacuuming data from Facebook users to try to influence the 2016 presidential race. "Despite the company's best efforts to correct the record, (it) has been vilified for activities that are not only legal, but also widely accepted as a standard component of online advertising in both the political and commercial arenas", the release said.

by | May 03, 2018 | 03:50

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un spent most of 2017 launching missiles, testing nukes, and issuing threats, but his approval rating in South Korea is skyrocketing. Dujarric said "the secretary-general reiterated the full support of the United Nations to furthering the inter-Korean dialogue and in this regard pledged that the United Nations stands ready to discuss possible forms of support".

by | May 03, 2018 | 03:32

Luke Messer (R-Ind.) and other GOP House members. The lawmakers cite the Trump administration's work to convince the global community to impose new economic sanctions on North Korea, which have "been largely credited for bringing North Korea to the negotiating table".

by | May 03, 2018 | 03:16

Shab-e-Barat falls on the 15 of the Islamic month of Shaban. The festival is viewed as the night when God forgives all the sinners and rewrites their destiny for the ensuing year. Many followers offer prayers to Allah for forgiveness from their deceased loved ones as well as share food and give aid to their neighbours and perform charity to the poor.

by | May 03, 2018 | 02:53

De Niro continued. "Stand up and strap on your balls and deal", he added crudely. If you're a lover of film, you likely miss the days when Robert De Niro was better known for gracing the screen with his unforgettable performances than spewing nasty and divisive political rhetoric across the media landscape .

by | May 03, 2018 | 01:48

In 2010, Hobby Lobby purchased over 5,500 ancient items from United Arab Emirates dealers in Israel for $1.6 million, the Department of Justice said in a statement . Numerous tablets come from the ancient city of Irisagrig and dated to 2100 B.C. through 1600 B.C. primarily, known as the Ur III and Old Babylonian periods.

by | May 03, 2018 | 01:42

Affidavits obtained by the TV news station detail conversations Yarand allegedly had "with an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent while planning a mass shooting at Frisco's Stonebriar Mall in May". The 17-year-old wanted to act as a "lone wolf", according to the affidavit, but officials said he also tried to solicit others to help him carry out the shooting spree.

by | May 03, 2018 | 00:56

Today's decision, it adds, "does not solve the conflict, which continues to exist between the Basque country, Spain and France". ETA declared a ceasefire in 2011 and handed over its weapons in April 2017, bringing Western Europe's last major armed insurgency to a close.

by | May 03, 2018 | 00:51

The results of the THSLC/THSLC (Hearing Impaired), AHSLC, and SSLC (Hearing Impaired) examinations will also be announced on the occasion. The Kerala Board SSLC Exam Results 2018 can be checked on its official website , .