by | December 02, 2017 | 02:40

Rojas was shot in the torso, leg and hand after police officers said they saw him through the sliding glass door pointing a gun at them. Brandishing a tube of K-Y Jelly, a personal lubricant, the officer told Rojas, "You are going to need a lot of this".

by | December 02, 2017 | 02:28

The video shows Ashawnty and another girl fighting as a group of students stand by and watch. " I saw my daughter was scared ", Harris told KDVR. Ashawnty Davis , of Aurora , got into a fight with another girl who had allegedly been bullying her, according to her mother.

by | December 02, 2017 | 02:00

Unfortunately for Russell Simmons , this is not a tactic that makes the perpetrator any more likable or less culpable. Simmons responded by saying that although he does not recall all moments of the encounter, Lumet's "feelings of fear and intimidation are real".

by | December 02, 2017 | 01:26

Speaking to Inside Edition earlier Friday, Caitlyn's mother Scarlet Frisina said she had no idea her daughter had a secret relationship with Rodriguez. Marys, Georgia, which is about 100 miles northeast of Columbia County. Authorities said earlier this week it appeared "a potential relationship" was blossoming between Frisina and Rodriguez before the teen's disappearance.

by | December 02, 2017 | 01:11

The president says he and Tillerson disagree on some subjects but adds that "I call the shots". Tillerson's likely ouster loomed awkwardly over an Oval Office meeting Thursday between Trump and the visiting crown prince of Bahrain. Such an overhaul could produce a significant shift in the tone and direction of the president's foreign policy, removing it from the understated former oil man whose style has never fit well with Mr Trump's.

by | December 02, 2017 | 00:47

Some clouds roll in tonight , but the cloud cover moves out early Saturday morning. So, if you have any outdoor plans, might want to consider doing them on Saturday . This will be ahead of our cold front and we might see this rain helping out our now drought situation and the burn bans in effect. The dry weather will continue with morning cloudiness diminishing as the day progresses.

by | December 02, 2017 | 00:08

After arguments and debates later, the housemates put down Vikas and Priyank's names for this week's captaincy task. The decision was after an unusual captaincy task where both Vikas and Priyank turned into DJ and made the housemates dance to their tunes.

by | December 01, 2017 | 23:26

According to police, Swaringer-Herring met McLean in person on Monday night after the two were apparently communicating on Facebook. Swaringer-Herring confessed the crime to his parents, who were away when the alleged murder happened but returned home.

by | December 01, 2017 | 23:19

Marine from 2007 to 2014, according to his lawyers and the U.S. Defense Department. The case sparked outrage on the southern Japanese island where residents have long complained about heavy USA military presence and crimes linked to them.

by | December 01, 2017 | 23:11

Kimmel replied: "Sounds great Roy - let me know when you get some Christian values and I'll be there!" Image via YouTube.comThis week, Barbieri did the same to a Roy Moore for Senate rally in Alabama - also for the Republican candidate. "We don't hate Alabama", said Kimmel. The two tangled on Twitter earlier in the day, an incident that began when Moore accused the late-night host of mocking his "Christian values".

by | December 01, 2017 | 22:55

District Court in the District of Columbia, alleging gender discrimination, sexual harassment and said Farenthold created a hostile work environment. Five other settlements, mostly resulting from employment-discrimination claims, were also paid in the past five years.

by | December 01, 2017 | 22:39

On Thursday, Zarrab testified in federal court about Erdogan's alleged role in Zarrab's scheme, which involved laundering funds from Iranian oil and gas sales through Turkish banks, including the state-run bank, Halkbank. The Turkish economy has felt the effect of an ongoing trial in NY of two individuals who are accused of planning and participating in a complicated scheme of money laundering for Iran.

by | December 01, 2017 | 22:41

Accusing Delhi's Max Hospital of deliberately trying to get rid of his children's responsibility, the father of the twins, Ashish, said the babies were declared dead after he told the authorities that he could not afford to pay Rs 1 lakh per day for their treatment.

by | December 01, 2017 | 22:20

Mr Joshua Stanton, a Washington-based attorney and expert on sanctions on North Korea, told The Straits Times: "The Treasury and Justice departments should intensify their identify and, where necessary, impose heavy penalties on banks that fail to do due diligence, and keep Kim Jong Un's money frozen in place".

by | December 01, 2017 | 22:06

Since July's launch of the Hwasong-14, its first long-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), North Korea analysts have been looking for signs the isolated country has developed precise guidance systems, reliable and powerful rocket engines, and a re-entry vehicle capable of protecting a nuclear warhead as it speeds toward its target.

by | December 01, 2017 | 21:24

The young boy was attempting to hang himself in a stairwell, just before school started. Police say the student's death "was due to an intentional act committed by the decedent" and that it was the result of a gunshot wound. Pearland medics arrived to school and had the student airlifted to a hospital in downtown Houston. Police stated that he was alive when he arrived at the hospital, according to KPRC .

by | December 01, 2017 | 20:07

The object was originally thought to be a homemade bomb and the area was evacuated as a precaution after the chemist employee alerted police. The package had been delivered to a pharmacy, German media reported . Shortly before, agents had ordered evacuation of area after detecting presence of a package. The Potsdam newspaper said police were alerted around 2:30 p.m.

by | December 01, 2017 | 19:56

Officials responded to a call from Jadlowski about the accidental shooting just after 5:20 p.m. on November 22. Rosemary Billquist , 43, of Sherman was walking her dogs behind her home when she was struck. His next court date is January 29, 2018. Lauricella said hunters have a responsibility to properly identify their target before firing. "This incident is a tragic reminder of the importance that hunting laws be followed", Swanson said reported NYDN.

by | December 01, 2017 | 19:35

The returnees were received on behalf of NEMA by the South West Zonal coordinator, Alhaji Suleiman Yakubu. Ali Wakili (APC-Bauchi), said the root causes of illegal migration among Nigerians, such as poverty, and unemployment must be addressed.

by | December 01, 2017 | 19:32

Speaking at a news conference after a key party executive meeting in Berlin , Martin Schulz sharply criticized Christian Democrats for leaking information to the media, after a crisis summit hosted by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday.

by | December 01, 2017 | 19:25

Lumet-daughter of director Sidney Lumet and journalist Gail Lumet Buckley, and granddaughter of the singer and actress Lena Horne-started her career as an actress and then became a screenwriter, best known for her script for the Jonathan Demme-directed Rachel Getting Married .

by | December 01, 2017 | 17:58

England have suffered disappointment in recent major tournaments, not winning a knockout game since the 2006 World Cup in Germany , but Southgate does not want a defeatist attitude to set in. "Equally I have every trust in our medical team that they make the right calls". "In the past we have become unstuck against teams we'd be expected to beat perhaps, and at times we have played really well against teams that might be seeded higher than us".

by | December 01, 2017 | 17:47

Renewable fuels, oil refining interests find flaws. On Thursday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced its 2018 renewable fuel volumes under the Renewable Fuel Standard program. The 2018 targets require fuel companies to blend 19.29 billion gallons (73.02 billion liters) of renewable fuels into the nation's fuel supply, up slightly from the 19.28 billion gallons required for 2017.

by | December 01, 2017 | 17:23

The relatively minor false-statement charge suggests that Flynn is divulging information to Mueller that could implicate figures even further up the chain of command. More recently, Flynn's son, Michael G. Flynn, who worked alongside his father at the Flynn Intel Group, has come under scrutiny from congressional investigators and the special counsel.

by | December 01, 2017 | 17:18

In terms of guidance for the fiscal 2017 full year, management expects to see EPS in the range of $2.00 to $2.05, as well as identical supermarket sales growth exceeding 1.1%. The stock was sold at an average price of $30.00, for a total transaction of $364,170.00. TIAA FSB acquired a new position in shares of Kroger Company (The) in the second quarter valued at approximately $3,265,000.

by | December 01, 2017 | 16:13

The University of Wisconsin football team has finally jumped into the top four of the College Football Playoff rankings. With records of 10-3, 11-3 and 12-0 in his first three seasons at the helm of his alma mater, Chryst joins Michigan's Fielding Yost (1901-03) and Ohio State's Urban Meyer (2012-14) as the only coaches in league history to win 10-plus games in each of their first three seasons.

by | December 01, 2017 | 14:54

The DUP yesterday warned that allowing Northern Ireland to remain in the single market alone would be "deeply destablising" to the coalition agreement. As well as calling on politicians to work to offer clarity, Liz Hughes, head of ACCA Ireland, said: "The loss of confidence across the United Kingdom and Ireland is a cause for concern".

by | December 01, 2017 | 11:27

Kushner, who has seen his influence in the White House shrink, may receive a "face-saving" exit as he deals with legal challenges related to a special counsel's investigation of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign's potential ties to Russian Federation, one of the sources said.

by | December 01, 2017 | 09:46

There was no immediate confirmation of the drone strike from government officials. Associated Press quoted two Pakistani intelligence officials as saying that unmanned aerial vehicle fired two missiles at the Ghaznavi compound of Haqqani network's commander Abdul Rasheed, which is affiliated with the Taliban militants.

by | December 01, 2017 | 08:19

According to media reports, three to four armed militants entered the hostel building in rickshaw and opened fire injuring the guard. As per the reports, the police said two students, a watchman and a journalist were among the injured. "Police and army commandos have cordoned off the campus", Tahir Khan, chief of police in the northwestern city said. The university is officially closed today as the country celebrates Eid Miladun Nabi.

by | December 01, 2017 | 08:17

Politics should not be played on the issue. She said girls should be careful and that's what she had said yesterday. In the evening, reacting to comments from across the nation, Kher in her statement said, "I strongly believe that women's safety is an enduring and continuous process in our country".

by | December 01, 2017 | 08:16

Brown, who confirmed that she is now under a non-disclosure agreement, detailed some of the sexual advances she said she experienced from Conyers in a Chicago hotel in 2005. Brown said she told Conyers' then-chief of staff, who she claimed agreed to talk to the congressman. "I'm going to leave that up to the ethics committee and his colleagues", Brown said.

by | December 01, 2017 | 04:52

The bullet pierced the San Francisco woman's lower back and tore through her abdominal aorta. The basic question the jury had to decide was whether Garcia Zarate intentionally and willfully fired the single shot that killed Kate Steinle.

by | December 01, 2017 | 03:52

But it would also be considered highly provocative by Palestinians, who consider East Jerusalem the capital of a future state, and could trigger protests from America's Arab allies. But in keeping with recent practice, Mr Trump in June waived the requirement to avoid inflaming tensions in the Middle East. And, despite the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act stating the USA must move its embassy to Jerusalem, previous US presidents have signed a waiver that keeps the embassy in Tel Aviv rather than ...

by | December 01, 2017 | 03:26

In April 2017, President Trump signed an executive order to review 27 public lands designated as national monuments under the Antiquities Act, with an eye toward shrinking boundaries and reducing protection for many of them. "The details of the President's announcement are his and his alone to make, but I appreciate his willingness to listen to my advice and even more importantly, to give the people of Utah a voice in this process", said Hatch in a statement Thursday.