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The report says Social Security will become insolvent in 2034 - no change from the projection a year ago. Last year, total program income - which includes payroll taxes, taxation of Social Security benefits and interest earnings - amounted to $997 billion, exceeding total expenditures of $952 billion.

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Bottom line: Figueredo said the study found approximately 70 percent of women with that type of cancer do not need chemo therapy. 'What that test does is look at 21 different genes to see if each is turned on or off and then if it is over-expressed or not.

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Carlson said since the competition is no longer about heels and swimsuits, it will now champion leadership, empowerment, and how women will pay for college. Sorry you're upset about the Miss America pageant getting rid of the swimsuit competition, my dude. Carlson settled a lawsuit claiming she was harassed while with her former employer by Fox chairman Roger Ailes for $20 million.

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Hormone-receptor-positive, axillary node-negative disease accounts for approximately half of all cases of breast cancer in the US, and the National Institutes of Health has previously recommended adjuvant chemotherapy for most patients, the authors write.

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With her party effectively tied with the Tories in most polls and the Liberals unlikely to form government, Ms. Horwath said that Ontarians still deserve an explanation of what happened. When it came to accessing talent, the Liberals have promised $132 million over the next three years to creating more postsecondary STEM programming, while the NDP promises to create 27,000 new co-ops and internships and redistribute $57 million from the Jobs and Prosperity Fund for opportunities in trade.

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Kozhikode : In the aftermath of the Nipah virus outbreak claiming 16 lives in Kerala, the Syro-Malabar church in Kozhikode has chose to stop serving the holy communion to the faithful on their tongues. Following the Nipah scare, the Kozhikode district administration has postponed reopening of schools in the district after summer holidays till June 12.

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The test also detected pancreatic cancer with 80 percent accuracy, hepatobiliary cancer (cancer of the liver, bile duct or gallbladder) with 80 percent accuracy, lymphoma with 77 percent accuracy, multiple myeloma (a cancer of white blood cells) with 73 percent accuracy and colorectal cancer with 66 percent accuracy.

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Numerous new cases were people who became ill two to three weeks ago, when contaminated lettuce was still being sold. The Food and Drug Administration , which is investigating the outbreak with the CDC , has said it believes it can be traced to romaine lettuce sourced from the Yuma growing region in Arizona.

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Dr. Wurie, in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation also added that by increasing taxes and prices, promoting tobacco cessation, bans on advertising of tobacco products, and restrictions on smoking in public places are proven and effective ways to reduce smoking.

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The reason the rates are rising "is the million-dollar question", he said, noting that factors may include increasing rates of obesity , a lack of exercise and the consumption of processed foods. The organization says it's seen an increase in young people getting colon cancer recently. Over 140,000 Americans are expected to be given a diagnosis of colon or rectal cancer this year.

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The CANSA Relay for Life Committee will be hosting their annual dinner and dance fundraiser on Saturday, July 21, at the MH Joosub Hall, UKZN, Westville Campus. Aside from keeping participants out of the hot summer sun for 12 straight hours, Jen Dies, manager of the Salmon Arm branch of the Canadian Cancer Society , says there is a more symbolic reason for holding the relay overnight.

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Reports say that his body fluids have been sent to the National Institute of Virology in Pune which is the only agency in the country to certify whether it was a case of Nipah virus or not. He was admitted to hospital on 20 May, seven days after his return from a month's holiday in Kerala. This means you don't need to find giant fruit bats roosting where people were initially infected; they could have flown in from ten kilometers-six miles-away to eat some fruit or drink sap in that ...

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Congo's government, the World Health Organisation and aid agencies are racing to contain what could be the most risky of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's nine epidemics since it was discovered by northern Congo's eponymous river four decades ago.

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Suman Khan has been kept in an isolation ward at GMC after he was referred there by the district hospital in Mapusa where he was taken from Tivim railway station. No confirmed cases of the virus have yet been found outside Kerala, despite fears it has spread. As the state starts to weigh the option of bringing the human monoclonal antibody tested by Australia against Hendra virus, sources say that if it arrives on time the Health Department might go for a drug trial mode .

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Allergan released this image showing the incorrect packaging for birth-control treatment Taytulla . Check your birth control, it might be under recall. Allergan is now notifying customers about the recall by letter, and arranging for the return of all recalled products. The recall specifically affects the 6x28 physicians sample pack with Lot #5620706 (Exp 05/2019).

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The government is announcing its decision about whether to eradicate or contain the cattle disease, Mycoplasma bovis . The phased eradication, to take place over two years at a cost of NZ$886 million (US$824.93 million), represents only a fraction of New Zealand stock, with some 4.2 million cattle slaughtered annually.

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The flow of moisture out of the South is expected to continue, bringing a chance of daytime showers and thunderstorms to the Triangle through the week and into the weekend, Carroll said. Temperatures will drop for the start of the week, but the humidity remains high. High surf will remain a threat along local beaches and the danger of rip currents will exist until conditions calm down.

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We get dry time in the morning before our shower and thunderstorm chances start around Noon. We'll be well up into the 80's by Tuesday . As many who regularly attend Memorial Day events can attest, this last week of May often seems cool or pleasant with a normal high of 71 degrees and light coats often part of the day's apparel.

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It was the largest seizure of fentanyl in state history, Nebraska State Patrol said in a Twitter post on Thursday. Hazardous substance found hidden in the truck . Initially, the Nebraska state troopers believed they had discovered a large stash of cocaine. A year ago the CDC said fentanyl was found in the bodies of the majority of people who died of opioid overdoses in 10 states during the second half of 2016.

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There are few things in life more satisfying than crawling into bed on Friday night knowing you'll get a well-deserved lie-on in the morning. Past studies really only looked at sleep patterns during the week, and recommended that people change their sleeping habits gradually over time.

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The initials symptoms are that of fever, headache and muscle pain in most cases. Richard Hatchett, MD, chief executive officer of CEPI , said , the group's first funding agreement to develop a vaccine against Nipah virus marks a vital step forward in the global battle against the disease.

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The shellfish are filter feeders who gain nourishment from their surroundings, while simultaneously absorbing whatever contaminants are also in the water - making them an ideal barometer for environmental scientists to test water pollution in a given area.

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The first fatal cases in Kerala were reported on Saturday from a family in Kozhikode , as two brothers in their late 20s and their 50-year-old aunt died from the virus . The Commerce Ministry has said it is monitoring the outbreak and will asses if the virus will bear implications for the country's fruit exports. This is because the persons who got down the well didn't get the disease and those who fell sick had not got into the well.

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The total number of possible Ebola cases, including those that have yet to be confirmed, stands at 54 on Saturday: six are suspected cases, 13 are considered likely and 35 have been confirmed by laboratory tests using biological samples. The article notes that Ebola is a "neglected tropical disease" since an effective vaccine is relatively new and the disease was discovered over 40 years ago.

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After officers informed him the behavior he was showing could pose as a threat to himself or others, Incognito asked a nearby gym-goer to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Incognito then explained to the officers that he couldn't tell them about the government's involvement because he was "under contract". "I don't know the whole story, but wish him the best and hope he gets everything figured out".

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Transmission of Nipah virus to humans may occur after direct contact with infected bats, infected pigs or from other people infected with the virus. "More than a third of patients in previous outbreaks have died ". The outbreak of the virus infection, which is a newly emerging zoonosis that causes severe disease in both animals and humans, is suspected to be from an unused well which was infested with bats.

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Inc., which makes Orajel , said it was pulling four Orajel teething products, CBS reported . The agency has been warning the public about the dangers of these products, but reports of illnesses and deaths over the past decade have continued.

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I have the deepest sympathy for the teachers and students who died or were wounded in any and all of this countries school shootings. Abbott, a Republican and staunch gun rights supporter, has said that any changes to state laws would "protect Second Amendment rights", part of the US Constitution that enshrines the right to bear arms.

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It comes a day after it announced it was closing 100 stores by 2022, accelerating a reorganisation that it says is "vital" for the retailer's future. There are a number of structural issues to address and we are taking steps towards fixing these. "And we're concentrating on tackling the culture of the business, making M&S a faster, lower cost and more commercial digital business".

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It is increasingly clear that Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the JCPOA and his escalating anti-Iranian rhetoric has given the hardliners in Iran the excuse they needed to discredit Rouhani's moderate government and pave the way for his possible removal from office.

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Background: The United States and its allies in Latin America view Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's administration as the main impediment to solving the country's crisis. It said he had laundered money through Costa Rica and Russian Federation, and organized drug shipments from Venezuela through the Dominican Republic into Europe.

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On Thursday, the USA regulators approved the use of first drug, Aimovig, which has been designed as a preventive treatment for chronic migraines in people. The approval for sale in the European Union is expected in the next few months. Erenumab consistently demonstrated an ability to reduce monthly migraine days in patients with episodic and chronic migraine in 3 major clinical trials , ARISE , STRIVE , and LIBERTY .

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Gates said that he met with Trump after his election at Trump Tower in NY and then again in March of 2017. After Trump was elected, Gates said he went to visit Trump at a horse show where Trump had talked to his daughter Jennifer .

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According to World Health Organisation (WHO) a total of 42 Ebola virus disease cases had been reported in DRC, including 19 deaths. The Ministry's spokesperson Jessica Ilunga said this on Tuesday. The Nigeria Football Federation will pay out $250,000 for a chartered flight for the DR Congo to fly in for a friendly against the Super Eagles. While none has been connected to the one in West Africa, the experimental vaccine is thought to be effective against the Zaire strain of Ebola found ...

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GENEVA-Democratic Republic of Congo faces a "very high" public health risk from Ebola because the disease has been confirmed in a patient in a big city, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday, raising its assessment from "high" previously.