Three Lions Is Official Vodafone Big Top 40 Number 1

Three Lions Is Official Vodafone Big Top 40 Number 1

Frank Skinner could not resist giving David Baddiel a kiss as England beat Sweden in the World Cup.

The Three Lions face Sweden in a quarter-final clash this afternoon, with the winners going on to play either Russian Federation or Croatia in the last four.

With England's footballers managing at long last to win a World Cup penalty shootout, supporters of Gareth Southgate's men remain in fine voice as their heroes' Russian sojourn is extended.

From the very first match, the country has been gripped by World Cup Fever and with every game played and goal scored, the "It's Coming Home" mentality is becoming a reality.

"It's coming home" makes up the chorus of the 1996 song "Three Lions", by The Lightning Seeds.

Just when you thought it was gone out of your head!

With lyrics like, "England's gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away", and "thirty years of hurt", the song was meant to lovingly poke fun at the bittersweet existence of British soccer fans, according to the Independent. This has been further propagated by a display of English fortitude basically un-glimpsed in living memory - a winning streak that includes a record-breaking landslide over Panama in the first round and a narrow success against Colombia in penalties that vaulted them into the quarter finals - and consequently faith in England's forthcoming triumph has never been more certain.

Indeed, when even the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is forced to admit it's coming home, then you know the battle is already won.

Meanwhile, it's been a good week for the inescapable "Three Lions" song, even if it has been ruined forever for those of us who appreciated its charm up until now.

"The biggest thing about it is there's always euphoria over England and sometimes it's misplaced and sometimes it's over the top and being a Scot, or an Irishman or a Welshman that can rankle with you a little bit".

This was also the first U17 trophy for England in four appearances.

"All the England players have got to do is watch each other's back", he told Sky Sports News.

"Right! I've got till 14:00 to knacker the kids out".

The Everton custodian was the match victor in England's first win in a World Cup penalty shoot out.

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