Telecom Commission clears net neutrality rules, new policy | Latest India News | Onmanorama

Telecom Commission clears net neutrality rules, new policy | Latest India News | Onmanorama

This decision has ensured the the net users get free and fair internet access. On the other hand, the US Federal Communications Commission has repealed the 2015 laws that aimed at upholding the broad principle of neutrality, giving consumers equal access to web content, and barring broadband providers from blocking or slowing access to content, or charging consumers more for certain types of content.

And this collaboration between Trai and Berec came at the right time for net neutrality - four days after open internet rules expired in the United States, legally allowing American ISPs to slow down, block or even offer paid prioritisation to some websites.

The net neutrality rules, the new telecom policy and a slew of other proposals had come up before the Telecom Commission (TC), the highest-decision making body within the Dot.

"Any deviations and violations of the rules of net neutrality - which come into effect nearly immediately - will be met with stiff penalties", a senior telecom official Aruna Sundarajan told media.

Department of Telecommunications has approved the implementation of "net neutrality" recommendations made by TRAI. These may include autonomous vehicles, digital healthcare services or disaster management.

Net Neutrality, over the years, has become somewhat of a household term in the Indian netscape. The most visible casualty was Facebook's Free Basics service, which offered Indians free access to a limited number of websites. "If their Internet habits do not change dramatically, the increase of low-priced unlimited data plan subscribers would have a very limited impact on the overall service quality experienced by all users", the commission said.

The Department of Telecom is likely to notify the guidelines soon.

The world (especially the US) should take a cue and do the same.

Even Facebook's plan of providing free services was banned in 2016 since it was indirectly promoting zero rating which could have acted as an advantage over local companies.

To ensure that this investment comes into the telecom sector, the government will bring down regulatory compliances for ease of doing business, Sundararajan said, adding that they will make the market fundamentally attractive to investors.

Relevant regulations would be amended to require all telecoms to disclose the Internet download speeds of their services, as well as the conditions under which certain services are provided, the commission said.

The Senate is meeting to revive net neutrality, but chances are Trump Republicans will back the FCC and net neutrality will die. "That said, we reiterate our earlier position that a light touch regulatory approach should be adopted so that the Net Neutrality rules do not hamper innovation", Rajan S Mathews, the Director General of COAI, said in a statement.

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