Instagram Model Katarina Zarutskie OK After Nurse Shark Attack in Bahamas

Instagram Model Katarina Zarutskie OK After Nurse Shark Attack in Bahamas

Zarutskie - a Laguna Beach resident - was on vacation with her boyfriend and his family in the Bahamas and looking for the ideal Instagram shot.

A model was bit on the wrist by a nurse shark as she swam in the ocean during a family trip to the Bahamas, has learned.

The outlet said her boyfriend's father was taking a photo of her as she floated near the sharks when one of them attacked. Even though her boyfriend's family was nervous for her, Zarutskie chose to try it herself.

Katarina Zarutskie has permanent scarring from the shark attack. Thinking in a much clearer fashion than I imagine I would after having been BITTEN BY A DAMN SHARK, she swam to some nearby steps, keeping her arm out of the water so as not to attract more sharks with the blood. She claims she did not plan to post the photos to Instagram in the first place-and her account has, at the time of writing, gone private. "It was an accident and he probably thought I was food, and I am very lucky that I was able to rip my arm away from him".

One user wrote: "I think you handled the situation like a boss!"

She told WPLG-Ch. 10 that doctors told her that she still has shark teeth fragments in her arm. But not many can say they've actually been bit by a shark in the process. She's been accused of being a dumb blonde who is obsessed with social media. "They took the information they wanted and really spun the story in a way that I'm a stupid blond Instagram model".

Zarutskie said she immediately headed for the stairs to get out of the water, holding her bloody arm above her head to keep it out of the water. She had to get several stitches and was put on a round of antibiotics.

Katarina Zarutskie was bitten on the wrist by a nurse shark in the Bahamas.

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