HTC to Cut 1500 Jobs as Revenue Continues to Decline

HTC to Cut 1500 Jobs as Revenue Continues to Decline

Time has not been kind to HTC as the once-mighty smartphone company struggles to make ends meet while it borders on irrelevancy.

According to HTC, the layoffs "will allow more effective and flexible resource management going forward".

Back in September, Google announced that it had signed a $1.1 billion agreement with HTC. Assistance will obviously be provided to all dismissed employees conforming to corporate social responsibility standards.

"Today HTC announces plan to optimize the manufacturing organizations in Taiwan". By the way, 1,500 of the 6,450 or so current jobs is close to 25 percent, which qualifies as a massive employment cutback.

The job cuts are part of a "realignment of resources" across the organisation, the company said in a statement.

Not that long ago, HTC was a top smart phone brand, creating new models and letting others brand them - the Google Nexus One and Evo 4G among them. HTC was once the name behind one in ten smartphones in the market, however, due to huge competition from other smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung and Chinese smartphone giants, the company has seen a massive decline in market share and sales.

Under the deal with Google, which was completed in January, about 2,000 HTC engineers who used to work for the ODM assets shifted gears to work for the USA company.

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