Fortnite Worlds Collide: What Is the New Worlds Collide Event?

Fortnite Worlds Collide: What Is the New Worlds Collide Event?

In the lead-up to Season 5 of Fortnite, numerous users on Reddit, Twitter, and other areas of the internet have begun posting their findings of what appears to be an elaborate ARG that Epic Games is crafting based on Fortnite.

For more on the Battle Royale game, check out IGN's Fortnite wiki. The studio has definitely promoted the title in a creative way, as many in-game assets have now been disappearing due to dimensional rifts showing up, with the portals having supposedly transported them to our world. For example, in the days leading up to the beginning of Season 4, the game hinted that a meteor shower would change the island forever.

Then, a landmark from the game the real world.


The video revealed a Fortnite-animation-style police vehicle and a tent nearby, with a sign that read "IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU'RE IN RANGE OF THE ANOMOLY".

Since Llamas were added to the game in March, the lovable "creature" has become a mascot for Fortnite.

Photos of the loot llamas in London, Barcelona, Cologne, and Warsaw have already been posted on the Fortnite subreddit thread.

Because each in-game season is themed, fans have been scrambling to put all the puzzle pieces together before the big reveal this Thursday. We're not sure what to ultimately expect from this turn of events, but we'll be watching intently for more items to be discovered around the world as the promotions play out.

There is some speculation that the theme for Season 5 will be a time travel theme and that the rifts/portals are vortexes that spawn in real time.

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