Facebook shutting down 3 apps due to low usage

Facebook shutting down 3 apps due to low usage

Bier's message suggests not, though he didn't go into further detail about the team or what they might be working on.

As part of Facebook's vision to continue simplifying ads on Facebook for business, it's announcing Codeless Events Setup for Apps, ... Today Facebook has announced that three apps are being killed off: Hello, Moves and tbh. The Moves app and Moves API will be deprecated on July 31, so if you use the app or rely on the API for one of your apps, it's time to look for alternatives. Facebook will delete user data from the apps within 90 days.

If they wanted, respondents could reveal their identities to those they complimented.

In its first two months or so, the tbh app was downloaded 5 million times. Facebook said it will be depreciating Hello "in a few weeks". A woman holds a smart phone with the icons for the social networking apps Facebook, Instagram and others seen on the screen in Moscow on March 23, 2018.

"The low usage stats cited by Facebook as a reason for the closure point to the challenge of running a long-term service based on anonymous interactions, which can struggle to drive sufficient engagement beyond a niche audience".

The company is also closing a fitness app, Moves, it acquired in 2014, and Hello, an app it launched in 2015.

Hello was launched in 2015 for Android users in Brazil, the U.S. and Nigeria. Neither Hello nor Move had been updated in more than a year, according to The Verge.

Facebook shares that they regularly review their own apps as well as the ones the acquire so they don't spread themselves too thin maintaining a thousand ones when only a handful are actually being used. Another Facebook acquisition, Moves has been under Facebook control since 2014, but there are plenty of other apps that do similar things now - including Google Fit which is bundled with most Android phones - and it's safe to say that Facebook hasn't been putting much of its full marketing grunt behind it.

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