Doug Ford outlines drastic reforms for Ontario in throne speech

Doug Ford outlines drastic reforms for Ontario in throne speech

The Tories repeated their promise to order a line-by-line audit of all government spending as part of their efforts to find billions in efficiencies.

The government has already put the new sex-ed curriculum on ice and will ditch the "failed experimental discovery math" program children are taught in Ontario schools.

The government announced Wednesday that schools would temporarily revert to an older version of the sex-ed curriculum rather than the updated version brought in by the Liberals three years ago.

The speech confirmed that Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government will extend sales of beer and wine to convenience stores, more grocery stores, and big box stores. The government will address those issues at a later date, he said.

Ford ended nearly 15 years of Liberal government in the June 7 election.

"We will strike the Liberal cap-and-trade tax law from the books and repeal any legislation that would enable a future government to impose a cap-and-trade carbon tax", he said.

The government will focus on putting everyday workers and families first. He said the move would bring down electricity rates but struggled to explain how when asked repeatedly by reporters.

The cap-and-trade program that funded EHVIP was nixed July 3, nearly as soon as premier Doug Ford took office, and while it wasn't clear then when the incentives would go away, says Automotive News Canada, a post on the EHVIP website July 11 explained the timeline of its cancellation.

"It makes me, as a parent, more vigilant", she said.

The Kathleen Wynne government's cap-and-trade program - an initiative that Premier Doug Ford have long dismissed as a tax grab - will be legally unravelled.

Ontario's two largest teachers' unions said they oppose the decision, noting that parents and educators were consulted extensively before the curriculum was updated.

"He shouldn't be ending cap and trade", he said.

It will remain in place until the Tories conduct a "fulsome consultation respecting parents" on modernizing it, Thompson said.

Both the sex-ed and math curriculums now in Ontario schools were described as "failed ideological experiments in the classroom" by former Premier Kathleen Wynne's government.

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