Couple having affair die from carbon monoxide poisoning during sex

Couple having affair die from carbon monoxide poisoning during sex

Two people were found dead inside a parking garage from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning, WABC reported.

Kahali Johnson said one of the victims is his wife, identifying her as Tameka Hargrave. Sources close to the investigation told the media that the 39-year-old woman was having her auto repaired and was sleeping with the mechanic, 59, as some form of "payment" for the hours of work he was putting in.

When an alarm went off, he went to investigate and found the bodies of a woman and a man in the garage near a running auto, according to WABC.

He found the bodies after smelling a strong odor of gas in his apartment.

Hargrave, a mother to at least two girls, died because there were no carbon monoxide alarms in the garage, her family said.

As I tried to step to open the last garage door, I see the mechanic, he's laid out.

That account says the man and woman were found inside the vehicle, not near it.

On LinkedIn, Kahali Johnson says he works in security.

The names of the woman and man found dead are now being withheld by Newark Police.

The mother said she had just spoken to Hargrave and "around 5:30 she said she was going to AutoZone to get the oil filter from her mechanic to put it on", CBS reported, quoting a friend as saying Tameka's loved ones aren't sure why she was in the auto.

Family friend Kelly Mitchell said she couldn't get her head around Hargrave's death. I can't do that, ' she said.

'I just want my mother back. "They have cameras and stuff". As the New York Post reported, the girl's 22-year-old partner turned on the vehicle so the couple could keep warm, and she was overcome by carbon monoxide.

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