Cornwall woman accidentally steals car from Walmart parking lot

Cornwall woman accidentally steals car from Walmart parking lot

All was revealed when she finally returned the black Infiniti vehicle she had been driving, to a rental auto company, whereupon she was told it was the wrong auto and not the Nissan Sentra she had originally rented.

After 2 weeks, she came back to Enterprise return the vehicle, and she made sure she complained to the manager about giving her a dirty, obviously used auto.

"For the next two weeks, the woman drove around and used the black vehicle for her regular everyday activities", seemingly oblivious to the fact that the auto she was driving was not the same one that she had rented, the police said.

A woman accidentally ended up swapping her rental auto for another man's vehicle in the parking lot of a Walmart in Cornwall, Ontario. She climbed in the unlocked auto, pushed the start button and drove home.

Back-tracking through her trips, he asked her to drive with him to the Wal-Mart-where her actual-rental black Nissan Sentra still Saturday Putting together the pieces in his head and remembering his other distraught-over-a-recently-stolen-Infiniti customer, the manager made a call to police.

"We investigate stolen vehicles but this is definitely a unique situation for us", said Stephanie MacRae, communications coordinator with Cornwall Police.

The woman drove the vehicle for two weeks before trying to return it back to Enterprise.

Both cars use a key fob, which doesn't require a key to start the vehicle.

At first, he tried to tell her that the company didn't even rent that model - but she was having none of it. After convincing her that the vehicle was not the one she had taken from the lot, they worked to trace her steps over the past two weeks.

In the end - It was the manager at the Enterprise who was able to crack the case. She also said there were papers in the glove compartment and a dirty ashtray, but it still wasn't enough to tip her off. According to police, she complained to the manager about the state of the vehicle, saying that the inside was poorly cleaned and that there was a set of golf clubs left in the auto. "And she was giving the manager the business on renting her a dirty vehicle", MacKay said. The manager looked at the Infiniti keys and told her that it wasn't the original auto she rented.

That's when the manager called the police.

There were no official charges so this story has a happy ending.

Soon after, police received a report about a black Nissan Infiniti that had been stolen in the same parking lot.

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