Canada will not double its defence budget despite calls from Trump: Trudeau

Canada will not double its defence budget despite calls from Trump: Trudeau

Canada plans to provide a senior general to oversee the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation mission, which will see hundreds of military trainers teach their Iraqi counterparts to counter IEDs, maintain armoured vehicles, work with civilian authorities and provide emergency medical aid.

They also discussed Canada's "significant contributions to the alliance" and the importance of the transatlantic bond that NATO provides to unite Europe and North America.

The Canadian-led battle group is one of four in the region, and includes troops from Albania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

The mission is part of the 29-member alliance's attempt to help Iraq rebuild and ensure that the Islamic State group can't gain a new foothold there.

The Canadian military has had a presence in Iraq since September 2014, when several dozen special forces were deployed to the country as part of a USA -led coalition to help local Kurdish forces beat off an ISIL offensive that threatened to overwhelm the country.

Asked about Canada's failure to achieve the 2% GDP defence investment spending as set out in NATO's aims at the 2014 Wales summit, Trudeau said that the aim was fairly "primitive" and that current modernisation and extension efforts of the Canadian military are sufficient.

"We are two countries that are more closely integrated on trade and security on people-to-people ties than any two countries in the world".

"Since NATO's creation in 1949, Canada has played a strong and active role in missions to advance people and security for our citizens and people around the world", Trudeau said in a statement. Defence minister Harjit Sajjan's office could not provide additional details on Wednesday, but it is believed that the 250-personnel commitment will be drawn from the existing Canadian force already in the Middle East.

Canada is also now contributing mobile training teams to NATO's counter-improvised explosive device capacity building efforts for Iraq.

The NATO Secretary General announced that in future the Alliance will be able to quickly transfer troops from the USA and Canada to Europe if necessary.

Being able to shoot down incoming missiles could easily become a multi-billion dollar necessity for Australia, while the navy will need to be enlarged and cyber-defence and intelligence gathering upgraded.

Some of the 104 troops from various Canadian Armed Forces who served in Iraq prepare to board a C-150 Polaris at 8 Wing/CFB Trenton, Ont. Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014. But Trudeau appeared to be far from Trump's orbit during the traditional gathering of leaders for the NATO family photo op and ceremony, standing quietly to the side as Trump chatted with Britain's Theresa May, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

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