Wendy's Shades IHOP Over Name Change to IHOb in Savage Tweet

Wendy's Shades IHOP Over Name Change to IHOb in Savage Tweet

America's beloved pancake house announced its new name Monday, the International House of Burgers.

On it's Twitter page, the restaurant change said "Burgers so burgerin' good, we changed our name to IHOb". You could even say the competition is hobbing mad.

"We're serious about the quality of food and our menu, and this name change really reflects that", the executive director of communications said. So naturally, we rounded up a few of our favorite Twitter reactions to the IHOB fiasco... "We've pancaked pancakes for 60 years now, so it's the ideal time to start burgerin' burgers".

Wendy's wasn't done after that. That's why the Taste of Home Test Kitchen let out a collective gasp when beloved pancake purveyor IHOP announced that it was changing its name. "Like that, but our cheeseburgers are still better".

In response to the burns, IHOb responded with "We don't want any beef with you, we just want to share our beef with the world".

The official account's background image proudly proclaimed "Burgers" but didn't provide a tweet explaining the changes.

Whataburger's Tweet may win the internet Monday. IHOP (sorry, IHOB just sounds like you are trying to pronounce "IHOP" while terribly congested)?

But not all burger chains are willing to embrace the flip.

It's unclear how long the name IHOb will stick, but the new burger menu items seem like they're here to stay.

That's actually too bad because it's an unbelievable name.

Burger King took it a step further and altered its logo on all its social media platforms to "Pancake King".

It looks like IHOP isn't the only restaurant chain rebranding itself.

The risky switch from flapjacks to burgers comes after Dine Grand Global, the parent company of IHOP and Applebee's, saw a 1.9 percent decline in sales in its most recent fiscal year, reports show.

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