Trump Is Creating a Military ‘Space Force,’ but Is It Illegal?

Trump Is Creating a Military ‘Space Force,’ but Is It Illegal?

Trump said Monday that "we are going to have the space force" which he deemed a "separate but equal" branch of the military.

"I don't see how we'd have a lot of military personnel going into space, some will go, yes, maybe surveillance and military personnel at the space station, but just a handful", Burns said.

"The militarization of space is a path toward catastrophe", Viktor Bondarev, a Russian parliamentarian told reporters following Trump's announcement on Monday.

Trump previously endorsed the creation of a Space Force in May during a speech with military personnel in San Diego, according to The Hill.

The president also used the White House event to establish a new policy for reducing satellite clutter in space.

This isn't the first time that the USA has considered adding a Space Force to the military. We don't want China and Russian Federation and other countries leading us. So important. Gen. Dunford, if you would carry that assignment out, I would be very greatly honored. He has since offered limited details about how the space force would operate.

He also revealed plans to conquer Mars and journey to the moon.

There's general consensus among lawmakers that it's time to grant special attention to military space issues - but not how it should be done.

While the United States was the first country to develop anti-satellite technology, back in the Kennedy era, much of this technology has fallen by the wayside, given an assumed dominance of space, said Brian Weeden, Technical Adviser for the Secure World Foundation, which promotes cooperative solutions for space sustainability and the peaceful uses of outer space.

Currently, space-based operations for the military are headed up by the Air Force Space Command. However, plans for the proposed Space Force could face problems with the Outer Space Treaty, which states that nations shall be unable to put nukes in orbit or any celestial body. "We want to do it more than they do". The two go hand in hand as the tens of thousands of pieces of space junk drifting around Earth pose an increasing threat to costly spacecraft and satellites. Congress would have to pass legislation to authorize a new branch of the military fully compatible with the authorizations of existing military structures. "Gateway will only slow us down, taking time and precious dollars away from the goal of returning to the lunar surface and eventually flying to Mars".

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