The new Real Madrid coach once preferred Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo

The new Real Madrid coach once preferred Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo

Israel's embassy in Buenos Aires will be rooting for Argentina at the World Cup, even after the team's controversial cancellation of a friendly match against Israel earlier this month.

Messi and his team have failed twice after reaching the finals of the Copa De Liberatores, the last when the player was booed off the pitch after messing in a hometown final against the lesser fancied Chile. He would be viewed as the greatest player of all time.

Surely, if either Messi or Ronaldo gets his hands on that 18 carat-gold trophy this year, it will be a definite answer to the biggest question in spectator world: who is the greatest of all time. "There are a lot of romantic things in our heads now we start to play Argentina".

The clip ends, "Leo, bring us the cup!"

Iceland will be looking to neutralize the attack of Lionel Messi, the captain and goal-scorer for Argentina; he has 64 goals for the national team since joining it 14 years ago.

The attacker nearly single-handedly rescued his country's qualifying campaign to ensure they made it to the World Cup.

It is actually a wonder Argentina's problems do not run deeper, given how the AFA was operating without a president for nearly two years after board members were embroiled in the Federation Internationale de Football Association scandal and the organisation flirted with bankruptcy.

Guzman added that Argentina should be "patient, move the ball to create space and increase the speed of play with two or three touches". Let's see if Messi can put the Albiceleste on his shoulders and will it to victory, just as he did with a hat trick in a must-win final World Cup qualifier in Ecuador.

These qualities make him the bane of numerous opposition's defence as he alone, can wreak havoc and create chances for his team, especially from the flank which could compliment the brilliance of Messi and the talents of the other strikers.

In 2016 Lopetegui voted Messi for The Best FIFA Men's Player of 2016 award and said of the Barcelona and Argentina player, "I've never met a player like Leo Messi".

He has also been accused of surrendering too much power to Messi and has done little to dispel suspicions that it is the forward who is effectively picking the side and determining the set-up.

Kolkata: When you say Kolkata, what comes to your mind first? I'm baffled at the ceaseless quality he displays, how he's always in the right place and almost always makes the right decision. how he makes everyone around him better. mostly?

By the same token, it is hard to see how Messi could not be indulged. It's highly likely that once word gets round to him, he won't take it well. Oh, he's also the all-time leading goal scorer in Argentina history.

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