Rose McGowan indicted in cocaine possession case

Rose McGowan indicted in cocaine possession case

The indictment alleges that cocaine was found in a wallet McGowan left behind on a plane in January 2017 after she flew into Dulles International Airport in Washington.

A May cover story with The Hollywood Reporter included comment from McGowan about the fact she faced a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted, while Weinstein remained free.

Rose McGowan was indicted today in Loudoun County, VA on one count of cocaine possession. Her trial will be set later on Tuesday. She later pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Weinstein has denied these allegations, but handed himself over to police last month to be charged with rape and sexual assault against two women.

McGowan pleaded not guilty to the charge, as she claims she had been without the wallet for five hours before getting it back, meaning anyone could have planted the drugs in the wallet.

Rose McGowan accidentally left her wallet on a United Airlines flight at Washington Dulles Airport a year ago. The "Charmed" star believes Weinstein framed her in hopes of stopping her from sharing her allegations against the producer. McGowan said she filed a lost luggage claim and tweeted United Airlines for help when she realized her wallet was missing, according to The New Yorker's report. When the narcotics accusations against McGowan surfaced, she said it was an attempt to silence her and was a "load of horsesh*t".

"There is simply no point in time at which the evidence places Ms McGowan and the cocaine together in the same place", said Ms Carmichael, who suggested Weinstein could have had the drugs planted.

CNN has reached out to McGowan's representatives for comment.

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