Reese Witherspoon Confirms Legally Blonde 3 As Only She Can

Reese Witherspoon Confirms Legally Blonde 3 As Only She Can

Reese Witherspoon said Thursday that a new Legally Blonde film is in the works, confirming earlier reports and speculation. The bikini is a classic call back to Elle Woods and her style and the same one she wore back in the first film before being accepted into Harvard Law.

Its success led to a sequel in 2003, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde which was not as well-received by the critics.

According to the Hollywood trade, the third movie - plot unknown - will be "much in the spirit of the first film", when optimistic Elle headed to Harvard Law to prove that her sorority pink lifestyle didn't exclude her from scholastic and professional success.

A carefree Witherspoon, 42, floats across a stunning infinity pool in the short video, which she captioned: "It's true". "I think it's a really great time to talk about women in politics because we need more women in politics".

The announcement came several hours after Witherspoon confirmed her return to the character that she originated in 2001's Legally Blonde.

The previous films also starred Luke Wilson, Selma Blair and Jennifer Coolidge.

Witherspoon's production company Hello Sunshine is set to produce the film. And, the writers of the original, Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah, will return.

It's official: Legally Blonde 3 is coming.

Hopefully Witherspoon keeps fans updated as things progress.

So, Reese Witherspoon took a screenshot of the story and let the media outlet know that they had made a mistake.

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