IPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9 schematics leaked

IPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9 schematics leaked

After the lauded iPhone X made a lasting impression, Apple is going to capitalize on that demand to make more iPhones like the current flagship this year. However, we are not sure if that is entirely true as the iPhone X features somewhat similar looking camera module with the third "lens" in the center actually being the LED flash (see image below). It seems far more likely to depict two lenses and a flash.

iPhone X Plus: The First Triple Camera iPhone?

Apple's next iPhones that will be launched this year are set to come with significant design innovations.

As per an exclusive report by Gordon Kelly on Forbes, the larger of the phones called iPhone X Plus will have a massive 6.5-inch screen. In a recent research note, Ming-Chi Kuo said that pricing for Apple's upcoming iPhones for the year 2018 could start at $600.

iPhone rumors are starting to pile up, with more and more evidence of a brand new 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus, a budget LCD 6.1-inch iPhone, and a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X sequel. The site obtained the schematics from accessory maker Ghostek, who also leaked them the design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in December. And why not, considering that the iPhone X was reportedly the best selling smartphone in the first quarter of 2018 after helping Apple post its best Q4 quarter in the history of the company.

The iPhone X Plus schematics do tell us that the 6.5-inch phone will be slightly smaller than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus: that's 157.2 x 77.1 mm (6.18 x 3.03 inches) vs. 158.4 x 78.1 mm (6.24 x 3.07 inches).

However, the XI Plus is said to have a steel chassis, rather than an aluminum one, likely making it heavier than the 202g iPhone 8 Plus.

The rear of the iPhone X Plus should feature a triple lens camera, similar to that found on the Huawei P20 Pro. It is also expected to come with a single rear camera sensor, which is once again suggested in the schematics as well.

Apple is also expected to ditch 3D Touch in the budget iPhone X to help make those savings. This model will measure 147.12 x 71.52 mm (5.79 x 2.81-inches) which is longer and wider than the current 5.8-inch iPhone X (5.65 x 2.79-inch).

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