Giuliani: Trump 'is not going to pardon anybody' -- yet

Giuliani: Trump 'is not going to pardon anybody' -- yet

Giuliani responded, "Not in this investigation". President Trump was, among others, dismissive of the case against Manafort.

Giuliani also said the President has told his attorneys, "I haven't pardoned anybody".

Manafort will be in jail for the next three months awaiting trial on charges that now include witness tampering.

President Donald Trump declared on Thursday that the inspector general's report into Hillary Clinton's email investigation "totally exonerates" him in the Russian Federation investigation, but his lawyer Rudy Giuliani doesn't agree. While Trump allies have suggested that Trump would attempt to resolve the Mueller probe in this fashion - for example, Trump White House hanger-on Roger Stone told the Washington Post that Trump's pardon of conservative crank Dinesh D'Souza served as a signal that the president meant to use his "even more awesome powers" for this self-serving objective - this suggestion had not previously been offered up by a member of the White House legal team.

"The president has not issued pardons in this investigation".

"Too bad they didn't look at Crooked Hillary like this".

Mr. Trump has sought to use the report to discredit Mr. Mueller's investigation, although it didn't address the topic. "But he is not, obviously, going to give up his right to pardon if a miscarriage of justice is presented to him after the investigation is over".

Trump has not yet spoken to Mueller as part of the probe, and Giuliani suggested Sunday that he should not do so under oath - pointing to Trump's recent backpedaling on how he characterized his son Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer as evidence of why it's hard to sort out "a lot of different recollections".

"The president has issued no pardons in this investigation", Giuliani said.

"That's why you don't want to go under oath", Giuliani said.

If Giuliani's suggestion is implemented, it would start the biggest clash of Trump's presidency.

He stressed that the Trump team was not trying to delay an interview but that the president had had other priorities - namely, the North Korea summit. "I think that we would prefer questions and written answers", he said. "We'll stop it", Strzok replied.

Trump seized on the findings of the Justice Department Inspector General, claiming the report provides evidence of deep bias against him at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and "exonerates" him from allegations of collusion with Moscow and obstruction of justice.

"When it's over? Hey, he's the President of the United States, he retains his pardon power", Giuliani said.

At the same time, President Trump on Friday told reporters that "Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign".

The inspector general's report said it would continue investigating FBI officials who received tickets to sporting games and other things of value from reporters.

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