E3 2018: Check Out This Stunning Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro

E3 2018: Check Out This Stunning Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro

But the livestream did include a reveal for a brand new PlatinumGames title called Babylon's Fall.

The most surprising news of the short presentation was a meeting of two of the most popular franchises in gaming.

With new trailers for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest XI, and a promising new intellectual property from Platinum Games called Babylon's Fall, Square Enix brought a little bit of hype to fans, but not almost as much as some other publishers did over the weekend. We recommend playing through some of the earlier entries in the franchise, or at least reading up on the story before embarking on the daunting quest that is Kingdom Hearts III. It's hard to glean too much from the quick shots of gameplay, but we do some combos and counters alongside cinematic close-ups of the action. The Quiet Man is a weird pitch but a new IP, which I will always approve of. There was also nothing about the unnamed The Avengers game, despite E3 2018 being the flawless opportunity to share details after the hype surrounding The Avengers: Infinity War. The teaser showed nothing worth clinging to otherwise.

The Square Enix E3 2018 press conference was hyped up, but it turned out to be a letdown. Unfortunately, all four titles were already part of Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference.

In addition to the limited edition PS4 Pro, Square Enix has also confirmed at the event that the Pirates of The Caribbean world will appear in the game. It's not just for the sake of their fans, but for the sake of their public image. That was the best.

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