Drake returns to Degrassi in the video for "I'm Upset"

Drake returns to Degrassi in the video for

Apparently, he didn't even find out about the Degrassi reunion until he watched the music video last night just like the rest of us!

"There was no acting going on in that video", Jake Epstein, who played Craig Manning, a photographer turned rocker and one of Jimmy's best friends, tells Variety.

The popular, long-running Canadian TV franchise chronicled the lives of teens at the fictional Degrassi high school and junior high.

The music video's reunion really brought "Degrassi" fans back, as their tweets show.

His positive spin on it is. everyone looks great in the vid, and he's happy for his former costars and "Degrassi" fans who get to see their favorite characters again. Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob also show up in the clip, directed by Karena Evans.

"I had no idea this happened", Clark said.

Drake staged the ultimate Degrassi reunion for his new music video "I'm Upset" but unfortunately, not everyone was invited to the party.

Here is everyone from the show that appeared in the music video, and if you're wondering why there's a picture of JT above, it's to honor his memory because even in this music video, he's still dead.

Ryan Cooley, who played the loveable goofball J.T. Yorke, was also noticeably absent from the video but Drake actually reached out to him about making a cameo.

And everyone of course got teary-eyed over the cast singing the theme song over the end credits. By Thursday afternoon, it had more than 1 million views.

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