Donald Trump Jr. has officially killed the word 'lit'

Donald Trump Jr. has officially killed the word 'lit'

Notably, the travel ban was one of US President Donald Trump's first official acts since taking office. Picture taken on June 23, 2018.

His retirement, which takes effect on July 31, gives Trump a second Supreme Court appointment in his 17 months in office after the Republican president past year selected Neil Gorsuch, who has already become one of the most conservative justices.

"The Supreme Court ruling was a tremendous victory for this country".

The travel ban has been fully in place since the court declined to block it in December.

Kennedy was nominated in 1987 by President Reagan to the court, after Robert Bork's nomination failed and Douglas Ginsburg was pressured to withdraw after questions were raised about his admission he had smoked marijuana several times. If the travel ban's goal is to ensure the security of the United States, then, by all means, keep the bad guys out.

Asked if he'd be interested in the job, Lee noted that he "started watching Supreme Court arguments for fun when I was 10 years old".

Opponents of the travel ban argued that it bore parallels to the World War II-era forcible relocation of Japanese-Americans to concentration camps on the basis of their race.

The often raw and unfiltered messages sent out from the Trump White House strike a stark contrast with the more controlled and traditional messaging strategies used by previous administration's.

Justice Anthony Kennedy's decision to retire from the Supreme Court could immediately sway the battle over partisan gerrymandering, where Kennedy's vote was seen as essential in getting the high court to step in and explain how far lawmakers can go to draw electoral districts to their advantage. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that the Senate "will vote to confirm Justice Kennedy's successor this fall".

"If a vacancy occurs during this term, after the Garland heist, the balance of the court could be tilted even more against women's, workers', and civil rights for decades to come by the president's list of 25 judges who have passed his litmus test of overturning Roe v. Wade", Democratic Sen. "More likely than not, they are likely to be more conservative on the issues in the sense of moving things from the political arena to the judicial arena; I think as a threshold matter".

Kennedy was considered a more centrist judge, as he sided with Democrat-appointed justices on key issues, such same sex marriage and abortion rights.

So if a new justice is in fact confirmed in September or October, will the saga actually affect voting in November? Sources said he was the runner-up for the Gorsuch seat.

In recent Trump cabinet nomination votes, the Senate's Democratic moderates have seemed willing to go along with the president's choices, perhaps giving some indication as to how they might approach Trump's Supreme Court nominee. "And he certainly has understanding and experience around the Supreme Court".

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"It truly saddens me that this court doesn't check this president's worst impulses", said Karol Brown, a Bellevue-based immigration attorney.

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