Big Cass released by WWE

Big Cass released by WWE

Cass had been harping on the size difference between himself and Bryan.

WWE parted ways with Big Cass today, and they did not even wish him the best in his future endeavors in their strikingly brief statement on his release.

Multiple insider sources are telling Sports Illustrated that the reason Big Cass was sacked by WWE was due to his personal conduct while heavily drinking on the recent European tour, and being intoxicated in public.

The original idea was for Cass to hit a big boot to the person and stand tall but he wanted and eventually did a spot where he hit the big boot then connected with several punches.

Fightful Wrestling will update this report when more information about why Big Cass was released is available.

There had been murmurs that Cass had been unhappy with his position in the company since returning from a knee injury, but not much of anything to indicate the rift was so bad as to produce a sudden release. Well, Cass spent the majority of WWE's European tour drinking, and a lot of these issues with his behavior stemmed from the influence of alcohol. The match opened the show, which aired on the WWE Network.

This weekend, wrestling fans were treated to an exciting double bill, with NXT presenting NXT Takeover: Chicago on Saturday night, and the main roster delivering Money in the Bank on Sunday night. Vince McMahon called him in for a meeting to tell him the news just a few hours before Smackdown in Toledo, Ohio.

I'm curious to see if there will be stories leaked about Cass's backstage escapades, because he clearly had to have ticked off some important producers in order to be released.

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