YouTube's new feature will give you a Reminder to take a Break

YouTube's new feature will give you a Reminder to take a Break

In Google IO 2018, the search giant had introduced a Wellbeing initiative to help users comprehend that their digital habits and curb device addiction.

Recently at Google I/O a number of new announcements have been made. The new feature is now available on YouTube Android app version 13.17+ and comes in line with Google's attempt with Android P.

YouTube is kicking off Google's plans to help users balance technology and life. Users can select the time they feel they can devote to YouTube and get all the notifications at that particular time.

If you are an Android user and don't see this feature yet, make sure you are using the latest version of YouTube by updating it from the Play Store.

As you can see in the image, you can set the reminder every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes.

The feature is only available on the mobile app, but will likely spread to the web-app in the coming weeks. YouTube will also let the users to let change their behaviour of exploring the YouTube's contents. When the timer reaches the reminder that has been set, the video will be paused. A user can now see daily average video surfing time, the amount of time spent watching YouTube on the current day, yesterday along with the insight on the same for past seven days. If users chose to try out this feature, they can continue to watch movies, but will get reminders to take some time off. Consumers are free to ignore this reminder and keep watching.

The Take a Break Settings is optional in the updated YouTube app and it is set off by default.

The third feature available is the "Scheduled Digest" and will again revolve around notifications. In the recent update from YouTube, a new feature has been rolled out which also emphasizes on Digital well-being.

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