YouTube Music now official, coming next week

YouTube Music now official, coming next week

"This will be the biggest marketing spend YouTube has done to-date", T. Jay Fowler, a product director for YouTube Music, told Bloomberg News.

According to Google's Official YouTube Blog, this new music streaming service will come with a new desktop player and a mobile app "that are designed for music" and promises to offer millions of songs and albums, thousands of playlists, artist radio stations, and more. Music is one of its most popular categories. If it's uninterrupted video viewing you want, you will need a YouTube Premium subscription. The paid tier, which will be called YouTube Music Premium, will be available for $US9.99 per month.

YouTube has made several attempts at converting its tremendous user base - the company says that 1 billion music fans use its free, ad-based video service a month - into a subscription business.

The launch of YouTube Music and rebranding of YouTube Red will hopefully provide some much-needed clarity and cohesion to Google's streaming strategy.

After a piecemeal and spluttering attempted rollout, YouTube Red is being scrapped in favour of two new subscribption services.

YouTube Music is the new music streaming service in the market. Music labels have pressed streaming companies for a greater share of revenue and more ways for listeners to pay for music. Following the changes the YouTube Red will now be called YouTube Premium and as the name suggests the service is premium. The company even started offering a four-month free trial of Google Play Music and YouTube Red last month, which seems inexplicable now that YouTube Music is officially a thing. Lyor Cohen, head of YouTube Music, said the company spent the a year ago rebuilding ties with record labels and artists. It will also allow background play and downloads of videos available across YouTube's huge library. The YouTube Red will be available at a price of $11.99 per month for the new users.

They wish to brand YouTube as the users' one-stop destination for all sorts of digital entertainment, and a very strong step has been taken in the regard. (If you're an existing YouTube Red subscriber, your rate will remain $US9.99, per Pitchfork.) YouTube Premium will include access to YouTube Music Premium. The challenge is figuring out how to turn those people into paying subscribers.

This new streaming service will initially only be launched in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea before being rolled out in 14 additional countries, including the UK.

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