Woman detained after feces-throwing incident at Tim Hortons

Woman detained after feces-throwing incident at Tim Hortons

In video released via Live Leak, the woman can be seen yelling at an employee by the cash register and then grabbing some napkins. In the video, which has no sound, a woman can be seen screaming at staff before squatting on the floor and relieving herself.

"Our current understanding is that the (employee) used their discretion in this case and denied access ... based on past behaviour", the spokesperson told CTV News in an email. While her trousers are still down, the woman flings the poop toward the cashier, then bare bottomed, grabs some napkins, wipes herself and pitches the soiled paper toward the register. She proceeded to take the tissues, wipe her hands and her backside and throw them at the staff too.

It's unclear what triggered the incident, but a spokesperson for Tim Hortons said it appears an employee had refused to let the woman into the restaurant's locked restroom. The police said they were familiar with the woman and her antics prior to the incident. The B.C. Prosecution Service is considering what charges, if any, will be laid.

Tim Hortons representatives confirmed that purchases are not necessary to use store restrooms, although some restaurants may have door codes or other locks on bathrooms, according to local reports.

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