WhatsApp Groups Improved With New Features

WhatsApp Groups Improved With New Features

Just like any feature, there is room to grow and that is what WhatsApp is doing to groups. The focus has till now been mostly on the app in general and one-on-one conversations. In addition, the update will also now add a "group catch up" which essentially acts as a "while you were away" feature letting users see messages and comments that are likely to be more relevant to them, as well as those that are specially aimed at the user.

Group creators can now add a group description when creating the new group.

WhatsApp has even added a "Group Description" feature to the group chats which appears in the form of a short blurb found under group info that allows you to set the objective, guidelines, or topics for the group. The new features are going to be of particular interest to larger groups, but it will appeal to smaller groups of chatters as well. Anyone can change the group description.

All these features were tested over the last few months and now it is available for both Android and iOS platform. Further, WhatsApp has also introduced protection through which users can't be repeatedly added to groups they've left. You can now check on messages where you've been mentioned and reply directly.

We've all been away from our phone, either leaving it somewhere in the house or not having signal and then come back to it to find a whole string of messages that we've missed. There are several groups that you're a part of (willingly and unwillingly) ranging from family groups, university study groups and even work groups, all of which make communication simple and convenient.

WhatsApp has also started giving more control to group admins.

Most of these nee Group updates have already been spotted on the beta version of the app but the features have now moved out of the beta build and are now available to all in the stable build of WhatsApp. Groupadmins can now add a group description spelling out rules, restrict who can change group photo and other details, and "remove admin permissions of other group participants".

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