UFC 224 Primer: Vitor Belfort Could Actually Retire This Time - No, Really

UFC 224 Primer: Vitor Belfort Could Actually Retire This Time - No, Really

Former UFC light heavyweight champions Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort squared off in the first bout of tonight's UFC 224 pay-per-view main card from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Prior to the fight, Belfort prepared for his impending retirement, as he had given much of his life to the sport of mixed martial arts.

There were boos from the crowd early because of the complete lack of action, as both fighters were a bit too respectful of each other's skill.

Debuting as a professional at SuperBrawl 2 way back in 1996, Belfort made his first UFC appearance a year later at UFC 12, when he won the heavyweight tournament with wins over Tra Telligman and Scott Ferrozzo.

So yeah, this may be it for him, with UFC 224 and Machida giving Belfort the send-off he deserves after so many years of cheating. Machida went for a front kick to the body. A man known later in his career for head kick knockouts was himself knocked out by a kick to the head. Machida took to his post-fight interview and called out Bisping, so we'll have to see if the fight actually materializes.

Belfort advanced early in the second round but couldn't get very close to Machida.

"The Phenom" fought the final fight of his UFC contract, and likely the final fight of his career, opposite Lyoto Machida. Belfort appeared to be out cold from the kick, and Machida picked up his second straight win with the highlight reel finish.

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