RED Will Launch the Hydrogen One on AT&T and Verizon This Summer

RED Will Launch the Hydrogen One on AT&T and Verizon This Summer

Also, we'll most likely learn more about the phone's price closer to launch, though RED is selling, or rather sold, the unlocked models for $1,295 (aluminum) and $1,595 (titanium), respectively.

We still don't know exactly when RED Hydrogen One pre-orders will start being fulfilled, let alone when sales are supposed to begin for new buyers, but both Verizon and AT&T are throwing their weight behind the mobile "4-View holographic" project. It purports to be the first holographic phone in the world. RED announced early this month that it had to delay the Hydrogen One to August in order to improve the phone's camera.

Another detail missing from the carriers' announcements is how much you can expect to pay for the Hydrogen One.

It's highly unusual for the top two wireless service providers in the U.S. to carry the rookie smartphone effort of a company like RED, whose expertise lies elsewhere.

AT&T doesn't give a release date for the phone but it says that it will give consumers a demo of the Hydrogen One at AT&T SHAPE at Warner Bros.

Simultaneously Verizon announced that it would also be carrying the RED Hydrogen One. It also has a insane "holographic" display which few people have even seen to date. Register for the event and stop by the exhibits area to sample games, movies and other content on the RED HYDROGEN ONE smartphone before it is released to the public. Studios in Los Angeles, June 2-3. "We have no control over that process and are at the mercy of the carriers when they can get through that process", they said in a forum post dated January 22nd.

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