Pregnant Broadway Actress Injured In Car Crash Loses Unborn Baby

Pregnant Broadway Actress Injured In Car Crash Loses Unborn Baby

Tragic: Ruthie Ann Miles's unborn baby died from injuries she and the child sustained when motorist Dorothy Bruns hit the pregnant mother - and fatally crashed into two children, including Miles's 4-year-old - on a Park Slope street in March.

Broadway actress Ruthie Ann Miles has sadly lost the baby she was carrying following a fatal auto crash that claimed her daughter's life.

Miles, who also is known as Ruth Blumenstein, was pregnant when she was badly injured in the crash. "This past Friday Ruthie and Jonathan lost their baby, Sophia Rosemary Wong Blumenstein", the lawyer said.

'The pain suffered by Ruthie and Jonathan is almost impossible to fathom'.

The driver of the auto, Dorothy Bruns, was charged with manslaughter.

Hawaii actress Loretta Ables Sayre, a friend of Miles', expressed her condolences on Facebook.

Blumenstein and her husband, Jonathan, were expecting a daughter this month.

People gather at a sidewalk memorial for two children who were killed in March when they were struck by a vehicle driven by a woman who likely had a seizure behind the wheel, in the Park Slope neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of NY.

Miles' daughter was killed in a Brooklyn crosswalk, along with the son of the woman, Lauren Lew, who was walking alongside the duo.

Broadway star Miles earned a Tony Award back in 2015 for her performance in The King and I. Evidence cited by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez earlier this month showed that Bruns suffered two other seizures immediately after the crash.

The mayhem unfolded after Bruns, then 44, ran through a steady red light, according to information in the indictment.

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