Nipah virus: Bihar, Sikkim, MP, Puducherry issue advisories for people

Nipah virus: Bihar, Sikkim, MP, Puducherry issue advisories for people

None of the victims had any knowledge about Nipah virus and had not taken precautionary steps. "We have no prior experience in dealing with the Nipah virus", she said.

Last week, the ministry also asked residents to put off travel to Kerala unless absolutely necessary.

Suman Khan has been kept in an isolation ward at GMC after he was referred there by the district hospital in Mapusa where he was taken from Tivim railway station. In these cases, people can become drowsy, disoriented and suffer convulsions and coma. The authorities, however, said there is no need to panic as the infection has not yet been confirmed.

GMC medical superintendent Dr S M Bandekar said Khan is being treated for "viral encephalitis which has symptoms overlapping with the Nipah virus".

State epidemiologist Dr Utkarsh Betodkar said that the patient's urine, blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples were drawn and have been sent to the NIV and the report of the same is expected by Tuesday evening.

Haryana health minister Anil Vij, who is known for his controversial statements, on Sunday compared Congress president Rahul Gandhi with the deadly Nipah virus, that has claimed many lives across the country.

No confirmed cases of the virus have yet been found outside Kerala, despite fears it has spread.

As the state starts to weigh the option of bringing the human monoclonal antibody tested by Australia against Hendra virus, sources say that if it arrives on time the Health Department might go for a drug trial mode. It was first recorded in Malaysia in 1998-99 which resulted in infection of 265 and death of 105 persons and 1.1 millions of pigs were destroyed.

As samples of insectivores bats tested negative for the virus, the Kerala Animal Husbandry Department and the Pune based National Virology Institute (NVI) are jointly collecting samples of fruit-eating bats to be sent for expert tests.

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