Lenovo teases a smartphone that's basically all screen

Lenovo teases a smartphone that's basically all screen

Lenovo may be the first big-time phonemaker to produce phone with an edge-to-edge display that has not a single pixel carved out of it to make room for other parts of the smartphone. It remains to be seen how exactly the company achieved this and we will be taking a closer look at the compromises that have been accompanied by bringing the bezels down to such a level. The teaser shows the sketch of a phone that is almost all screen.

This means that not only are the bezels on the edge gone, but so is the notch at the top. Meanwhile, Android's latest OS has fully embraced the notch and actually baked it into the software design to smooth the process for developers.

At least, according to a sketch shared by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng on Weibo, a Twitter-like platform. Presumably, it will use fingerprint scanning - there appear to be no sensors for facial recognition - but we don't know whether that scanner will be located on the back of the device or beneath its display.

A Lenovo exec shared this sketch of the Lenovo Z5.

Lenovo has an iPhone X lookalike in the pipeline, too - but it's not another lazy ripoff.

Could Lenovo be the first company to launch a phone that literally has nothing on its front side except the screen?

A couple days ago Cheng also posted a partial render of the device claiming a 95% screen to body ratio. Is it a deal breaker for consumers when you try to show them different smartphone options?

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