David Tepper to purchase Carolina Panthers

David Tepper to purchase Carolina Panthers

It would also match the $2.2 billion price for the Houston Rockets NBA team.

As Ozanian notes, this is not unique to the National Football League, as the new Houston Rockets owner had to leverage parts of his business to pay the $2.2 billion sum for the team.

If an agreement is set, the owners can make the sale official with a vote at next weeks owners meeting in Atlanta, GA.

The Carolina Panthers were put up for sale last season, following sexual harassment and racial misconduct allegations against owner Jerry Richardson. Richardson, who founded a Panthers franchise that started National Football League play in 1995, reportedly had an original plan for the team to be sold within two years of his death.

ESPN's full report can be found here.

"Most likely, a new owner would need much more than $300 million because it would not be easy to find enough minority investors willing to fund the remainder of the purchase given those investors would have no say in how the Panthers are run".

Another bidder, Ben Navarro, who owns a financial investment group, was unable to raise the estimated $2.6 billion he was said to have offered.

The 60-year-old would have to sell his five-percent stake in the Steelers before completing the purchase of the Carolina Panthers.

Tepper, who visited Charlotte in early April, has said he likes the city.

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