Champions League Change Up on Irish TV

Champions League Change Up on Irish TV

The success story of last year's Champions League final that attracted 6.5million viewers across all platforms has encouraged BT Sport to replicate the same feat this season.

The Europa League final, which sees Atletico Madrid take on Marseille in Lyon, will be broadcast today, Wednesday 16 May. It is unclear how Virgin will deliver this volume of matches - whether it will be broadcast on TV3, a subsidiary channel, or via an online streaming service.

In previous years, TV3 showed games on Tuesdays while RTÉ had rights to Wednesdays.

"The Champions League is the biggest and most prestigious club competition in the world and we are delighted to extend our partnership with Uefa for both the Champions League and the Europa League".

Currently, only BT Sport subscribers can watch European football through BT's sporting channels.

A spokesperson for Virgin told the Irish Independent: "Virgin Media and TV3 are simply announcing this landmark rights deal - which has just been established - and they will then be providing more information in due course".

The move by Virgin is the latest in its ever-expanding live sport portfolio which now includes the majority of the Champions League and Europa League, the Rugby World Cup, the Six Nations, the Champions Cup and United Kingdom racing.

Are we heading towards an era where every match could be streamed on YouTube?

And, thanks to BT Sport, you'll be able to watch both matches for free online.

Match programmes from finals are always valuable parts of every Reds' collection, and Liverpool's eighth European Cup final will be no different - regardless of the result in Kiev. The final, as with all Champions League and Europa League games, will not be broadcast on any free-to-air television in the UK.

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