Boy relieving himself steals spotlight in Mid-Michigan couple's proposal video

Boy relieving himself steals spotlight in Mid-Michigan couple's proposal video

Despite Owen becoming the spotlight of the proposal, the happy couple is ready for the next chapter in their lives.

One 3-year-old MI boy has gone viral for urinating during his mother's marriage proposal in a scene that the future bride says has since "stolen the show".

Kevin Przytula proposed to his girlfriend, Allyssa Anter, over the weekend.

The whole thing was filmed by Kevin's 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh, who by chance had the camera placed just to the right enough to capture Owen reliving himself.

It was a memorable marriage proposal, if not for the reasons the groom-to-be intended. "I love you with all my heart", he said, taking her hand and slipping the ring on. As Przytula drops to one knee, Allyssa's 3-year-old son Owen drops his trousers. While the couple was enthralled in the moment that seemed to be ideal from their little world, what they didn't see was that Owen decided he has to use the bathroom, and like any 3-year-old, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

"Oh my God he's peeing, are you serious?"

Speaking to Michigan Live, Allyssa said: "He stole the show, for sure".

"We went and got ice cream the other day and he did it in the parking lot there".

The couple have been potty coaching the toddler for the final month however they're nonetheless making an attempt to show him that he can't do it in public locations.

'He just does it without telling anybody, he just pulls his trousers down and goes'.

The video was originally posted to Facebook but removed after a complaint was filed.

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