Artists now credited on over half a billion YouTube videos

Artists now credited on over half a billion YouTube videos

YouTube has announced that the platform is expanding the credits available on videos featuring music.

The new feature will also link the artist's official YouTube channel or available music videos.

The new section will offer a comprehensive list of everyone involved in the creation of music used in videos that they are capable of crediting.

Why YouTube has waited so long to present this music discovery feature is anyone's guess (Shazam anyone), but here it is. On certain songs, details such as artist, songwriter, publisher and label information will appear. That being the case, the implementation of "Music in this Video" is still a net positive for all those concerned.

YouTube's charm offensive with the music community cranks up a gear with the streaming giant's announcement overnight it will recognise the creators of the music on its platform.

"Songwriters are the heart and the soul of songs, so it's wonderful seeing them get the credit they deserve", Elton John said of the move in a statement. Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners.

JT Meyers, CEO of mtheory, commented: "Artists invest significant creative energy and financial resources to create compelling music videos". YouTube reached a settlement in 2016 with the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) to pay royalties to songwriters. It has been a longstanding issue that platforms like YouTube and Spotify have had to deal with. Partnerships between online platforms and record labels and publishers are working to fill in the gaps in information.

Grammy-winning USA record producer, songwriter and rapper, Rodney Jerkins said: "In today's digital world, achieving accurate and comprehensive song credits is more attainable than ever".

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