Apple slapped with a lawsuit over Macbook's butterfly keyboard

Apple slapped with a lawsuit over Macbook's butterfly keyboard

According to a news report by CNet, a class-action complaint was filed against Apple because of issues with the MacBook keyboard issues.

The complaint included multiple claims of an issue with the design of Apple's butterfly keyboard mechanism included in MacBook variants manufactured since 2015 and on MacBook Pro models since 2016.

Apple first featured the butterfly keyboard design with its 12-inch MacBook, launched in 2015. It was brought by Girard Gibbs, a San Francisco-based law firm that has battled with Apple several times in the past, including filing a class-action suit centered on the iPod's "diminishing battery capacity".

The keyboard design that's at the canter of this controversy debuted in the 2015 MacBook, and was later used in the 2016 MacBook Pro. Aside from that problem, Apple has generally been hostile to third-party repairs of devices. However as by that time, his laptop was already out of warranty and he was told that a fix would cost him a whopping $700 for an unresponsive space bar and caps lock key.

Have you experienced issues with Apple's butterfly keyboards? Since the keys in the Macbooks can not be repaired by just anyone, Apple MacBook users are more bothered by the price to get their MacBooks fixed, especially if the users are out of warranties. An online petition asking Apple to replace the faulty keyboard already has 19,000 signatures. According to some customers, Apple not just replaced the unresponsive key, but also had to replace a large part of their computer.

Girard Gibbs LLP, which is representing the plaintiffs, wrote on its website: "Because typing is the primary goal of laptops, over time, consumers have become more and more frustrated with the keyboard defect".

A lawsuit like this one isn't actually a class action yet. However, it's not like Apple doesn't do product recalls when it does encounter significant problems with its hardware. "The keyboard defect in the MacBook is considerably certain to demonstrate".

Both the plaintiffs are seeking damages and legal fees from the company. "The latter demand includes reimbursement for the purchase of replacement laptops", AppleInsider reported.

The lawsuit is calling for "appropriate injunctive and declaratory relief", including demanding Apple provide adequate disclosure of the defective nature of the MacBooks and pay plaintiffs' costs to remedy replacing defective MacBook laptops.

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