Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now

Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now

It started out with just 3 registered cars in April previous year, and that number has now expanded to 55. Sources said that Uber along with Waymo used to have a more autonomous vehicle in California, for instance, both have over 100 self-driving cars in the state before moving part of its fleet to Arizona where additional testing is now taking place. The vehicles are equipped with advanced LIDAR tools, along with several cameras to sense the entire driving environment.

The new figures show that Apple still has the second-largest autonomous-car test fleet in California, which is arguably the epicenter of self-driving auto research. Free for 14 days - no credit card required! In January, Apple increased its self-driving auto fleet ninefold to 27 and to 45 by April this year.

The self-driving auto permits issued by California's DMV require a safety driver to be on board to grab the wheel at any time. Then in the issued permits were given only three hybrid Lexus RX450h 2015 model year and six-serving test drivers.

So far, Apple has not applied for a driverless auto permit, according to Mac Reports. Leading the pack is GM with 104 vehicles, while Waymo is in third place with 51 cars. Tesla had slightly more drivers than Apple at 92, but fewer vehicles at 39. In total, the Department has given such permission 53 companies. The company hasn't been allowed to test self-driving cars without a human safety driver behind the wheel just yet. Apple has, again, expanded Its fleet of autonomous cars in California.

Apple's quickly growing fleet of cars suggests that it's certainly taking self-driving development seriously.

It's important to note that companies like Waymo and Uber used to have more self-driving cars in California.

Interestingly, only in June 2017, the head of Apple Tim cook for the first time confirmed that his company has a division that develops technology for Autonomous cars.

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