Amazon Prime chooses Florida for new Whole Foods discounts

Amazon Prime chooses Florida for new Whole Foods discounts

Whole Foods has debuted a loyalty program that offers special discounts to Amazon Prime customers.

Amazon is offering Prime members 10 percent discounts on select items at Whole Foods stores in Florida, the first step in a program Amazon expects to implement nationwide this summer.

A Whole Foods Market store logo is pictured on a building in Boca Raton, Florida March 19, 2016. Amazon said the available deals will rotate weekly, and gave these examples of Prime discounts available in Florida starting this week.

The discount program is Amazon's latest effort to connect the two companies.

The discounts have rolled out to Whole Foods stores across Florida, for the time being, and will expand to all stores across the United States starting this summer.

Sustainably sourced, wild-caught halibut steaks: $9.99/lb., save $10/lb.

These in-store savings are not the only way Amazon has been tying Whole Foods to its larger business. Mackey is confident about Prime convincing the shoppers regarding their doubts about its "Whole Paycheck" reputation which is a reasonable option for their many purchases.

And in February, Amazon started using Whole Foods locations as depots for groceries delivered by the company's Prime Now quick delivery service.

Customers need to download the Whole Foods Market smartphone app, link it to a Prime account, and swipe their phone at checkout, to receive the discounts, or use a linked phone number.

Amazon has fired another shot across the supermarket industry's bow. "By offering greater discounts on sale items, and exclusive deals like $10 off a pound for sustainably-sourced, wild-caught halibut, launching savings for Prime members is an unbelievable opportunity to bring our industry-leading quality standards and delicious food to more customers at a better price". Prime members can give in their cell numbers or scan an app to receive the discounts at the checkout.

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