United Kingdom and UK are warning that Russian Federation has been hacking routers worldwide

United Kingdom and UK are warning that Russian Federation has been hacking routers worldwide

Russian state-sponsored hackers are seeking to hijack critical network infrastructure devices, US and British intelligence agencies say.

United Kingdom and USA spies issued an unprecedented joint alert over Russian-sponsored cyber attacks on Monday, confirming "millions" of devices have been infected by "hostile" hackers.

They are seeking the cooperation of home office and private-sector business owners in sharing information if they determine their networks have been compromised.

This could be used be used to mount a future offensive, it warned.

"We have high confidence that Russian Federation has carried out a coordinated campaign to gain access to enterprise, small office, home office routers known as SOHO routers and residential routers, and the switches and connectors worldwide", said Rob Joyce, special assistant to the President and cybersecurity coordinator at the White House, speaking to journalists.

Officials said that Kremlin-backed aggressors have accessed computer routers around the world as part of a cyber espionage campaign that targeted government agencies, businesses and critical infrastructure operators. Second, this type of attack strategy lets Russian Federation peer at the data that's passing through compromised devices, whether it's personal of business related. Attackers also sought to undermine the firewalls and intrusion detection systems organisations used to spot malicious traffic before it reached users.

US Homeland Security has directly condemned the Russian state for the attacks.

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"This attempt by Russian Federation is a sharp reminder that Australian businesses and individuals are constantly targeted by malicious state and non-state actors, and we must maintain rigorous cyber security practices", Taylor said.

The joint warning stated stated that the main targets have been ISPs, firms running 'critical infrastructure, ' government departments and big companies.

Taylor said while the devices could have been used to access sensitive data, there was "no indication" Australian information had been compromised.

"Russia is our most capable hostile adversary in cyberspace so dealing with their attacks is a major priority for the National Cyber Security Centre and our U.S. allies", he said.

BRITAIN is braced for cyber warfare attacks by Russian Federation that could send services such as healthcare, transport and utilities into meltdown.

"The UK government will continue to work with the United States, other global allies and industry partners to expose Russia's unacceptable cyber behaviour, so they are held accountable for their actions".

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