Saudi king slams Iran, US Jerusalem move at Arab summit

Saudi king slams Iran, US Jerusalem move at Arab summit

But today's Arab summit in Saudi Arabia is worth keeping an eye on.

King Salman also announced a $150 million donation for the maintenance of Islamic heritage in East Jerusalem.


A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the embassy is scheduled for mid-May to coincide with Israel's anniversary of its proclamation of independence on May 14, 1948.

On Sunday, King Salman made it clear he was unhappy with Mr Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, an opinion backed by the other leaders at the summit.

The main focus of King Salman's opening speech was Iran, which he criticised for "terrorist acts" and "blatant interference" in regional affairs, particularly the conflict in Yemen.

"We extend our support to the Palestinians' right to establish their homeland based on the 1967 lines with the capital city Jerusalem, as stated in the worldwide resolutions and Arab peace initiative", said Al-Jubeir during his speech at foreign ministers' preparatory meeting on Friday.

The one-day summit was held Sunday in eastern Saudi city of Dhahran.

The two rivals are engaged in proxy wars in Yemen and Syria but also back opposing sides in Lebanon, Iraq and Bahrain.

The leaders called for an global probe while condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told reporters after the summit.

The AL strongly opposes the US administration's recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, wishing all the countries not to follow the USA measures to harm Arab states' sovereignty.

"We urge the worldwide community to sanction Iran and forbid it to back Houthi terrorists and provide them missiles", the statement said.

In February, Russia vetoed a Security Council resolution that would have expressed concern over Iran's failure to block supplies of missiles to Yemen's Houthi rebels.

They discussed the Syrian situation following the suspected chemical attack near the capital city of Damascus on April 7th and the US-led missile strikes against the country on Saturday.

The ministers also stressed the importance of building relations with Iran based on the principle of good neighborliness and the rejection of force or threat, condemning Iranian meddling in the internal affairs of Arab states.

Among the leaders in attendance was Sudan's Omar al-Bashir, who walked the red carpet and was greeted by King Salman.

Summits of the Arab League, established in 1945, rarely result in action.

Military help over the past three years from Russian Federation and Iran, which also backs Lebanon's Hezbollah and Shi'ite Muslim militias in Iraq, has allowed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to crush the rebel threat to topple him.

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