Police hunt woman accused of killing her husband, then her look-alike

Police hunt woman accused of killing her husband, then her look-alike

Deputies with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office arrested a 28-year-old Vidor woman in connection with allegations that she exposed her two children, ages 3 and 2, to methamphetamines. The woman had strained relationship with her husband as she wanted to live in Chandigarh with her relatives whereas the man identified as Joginder Singh was not willing to do so, the victim told police.

On April 5, the two women were recorded on surveillance camera at the Smokin' Oyster Brewery in Fort Myers, laughing.

The authorities after further investigations informed that Riess flew to Florida, befriended her twin and killed her. Authorities began looking for Riess since last month after her husband David Riess was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds.

Authorities said Riess is considered armed and unsafe, warning that her killing spree may not be over.

Laurel Police Officers responded to a report of aggravated assault on Mississippi Avenue Friday night.

But authorities said Riess had an ulterior motive - planning all along to steal Hutchinson's identity because the two women looked so similar. Her identification, credit cards and auto keys were gone.

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Investigators in Florida said Hutchinson was murdered by a woman who is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Rose said U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have her information and the license plate number for Hutchinson's stolen Acura sedan.

Border patrol agents are on the lookout for her and Hutchinson's family wants Riess apprehended quickly.

Once in the room, Crotteau, armed with a large kitchen knife, came at her, the victim said.

NBC News reported Riess had a gambling addiction.

Riess is the mother of three adult children as well as a grandmother, Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose told ABC News. According to the documents, Tucker said she did slap one of the soldiers, but only after her hand became injured from trying to grab the cellphone.

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