Pakistani troops killed, 5 injured in border clashes with Afghan forces

Pakistani troops killed, 5 injured in border clashes with Afghan forces

Local administration told media that the attack was carried out from the Khost province of Afghanistan at the personnel deployed at a post in Laka Tika area of Kurram Agency.

According to foreign news agencies, the casualties were the result of ongoing clashes along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Troops from the Afghan border police and Pakistan's paramilitary Frontier Corps clashed near the two countries' disputed border, leaving several dead and wounded on both sides, Afghan and Pakistani officials said.

Troops were carrying out routine surveillance along Pak Afghan border for plugging of gaps and making necessary preparations for starting fencing in that area.

Afghanistan has refused to recognise the Durand Line - a 2,400-kilometre frontier drawn by the British in 1896 - as it splits the Pashtun ethnic group between the nations. "Military engagement is underway to defuse situation".

Kurram Agency is one of the most sensitive tribal areas of Pakistan as it shares the border with three Afghan provinces.

Khost province lies next to the restive tribal belt in Pakistan. Two Pakistani security forces were also detained on Afghan soil, he added. He added that local villagers and the Afghan Border Police retaliated with gunfire.

The army is in the process of fencing the porous Pak-Afghan border in a bid to stem the free-flow of militants. Afghanistan, in turn, accuses Islamabad of sheltering the leadership of the Afghan Taliban militants who are battling the Western-backed government in Kabul.

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