Easter Eggs in the Snow

Easter Eggs in the Snow

The Easter Bunny also posed for numerous photos.

Each child grabbed colorful plastic eggs to fill the baskets they grasped tightly in their hands.

The flashlight egg hunt typically lasts five minutes.

"I am here to support this tradition of Easter", Oluwafisoye said.

Emily Brown, Army spouse, said her daughter, Ariella, 5, was excited for the day.

The Post also was looking to spread the word to the community about what it offers and maybe gain a few more members, he said.

Bass said there are normally upwards of 7,000 people who attend the event at BLORA but that she was still satisfied with the great turn out this year and the opportunity to distribute the eggs to the children. She was fortunate to be one of the kids who picked up a six-inch hollow chocolate bunny.

"I like being among people, seeing faces, I wish it was outside, but that's OK", Stephanie Brown, MWR operation assistant, said.

Lake Jackson can count on many coming back, plus a lot of newbies, as the event continues to expand. "This was the coldest weather we've had since the hunt began". Amber Ellis, age nine, said, "I like to come here every year because it's fun".

Meanwhile, Ms Morrissey said that "as we predicted", the Government's new voluntary code did nothing to limit the "gross irresponsibility of marketing ploys by a multinational industry, whose sole objective is to ensure that children eat as much of their unhealthy products as possible regardless of the short and long-term effects on their health". The children attack the eggs and candy with far more ferocity than the pets of Ellensburg. The Trumps' first Easter Egg Roll in 2017 was poorly planned and thrown together hastily, by a First Lady who was likely still adjusting to her new and unwanted responsibilities, and resulted in a much smaller event than in previous years.

"If I can get all the 1- to- 3 year olds to the starting line, behind these cones", Helm announced, causing a flurry of small children to rush to the line.

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