Amazon drops the price of the popular Ring Video Doorbell to $99.99

Amazon drops the price of the popular Ring Video Doorbell to $99.99

Amazon, which as of today officially owns video doorbell company Ring, is celebrating its latest acquisition by lowering the price of the original Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in the US. The device has a 720p camera sensor that can record at 30fps and the video doorbell provides two-way audio. That's right, no tricks or anything. The gold colored Ring doorbell model already ships April 17. In case you're wondering, the new pricing is permanent, not temporary. The Ring Video Doorbell was the company's first smart doorbell. The more recent Ring 2 retails for $199.

Neighbours experience the power and impact of the Ring Video Doorbell every day.

Ring becomes Amazon's second largest acquisition to date, following its $13.7bn deal past year for Whole Foods Market. And finally, there's the hardwire-only version, Video Doorbell Pro, which also offers 1080P, and the professional-level Video Doorbell Elite, which has 1080P plus a flush mount.

At the end of February Amazon announced the company had acquired smart home device manufacturer Ring for $1 billion Dollars.

"Our mission to reduce crime in neighbourhoods has been at the core of everything we do at Ring", said Jamie Siminoff, CEO and Chief Inventor of Ring.

"Ring's talented team has invented home security products and services that customers love". In fact, one Los Angeles neighbourhood saw a 55 percent decrease in home break-ins after Ring Video Doorbells were installed on just ten percent of homes.

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