Allegiant Air feels impact of damaging "60 Minutes" report

Allegiant Air feels impact of damaging

Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes correspondent, and the show's producers found that the carrier experienced an "alarming number" of issues between January 1, 2016, and October 31, 2017, that pointed to it being the "most dangerous" airline in the U.S. Interestingly, none of the concerns allegedly expressed by Allegiant team members during the 60 Minutes episode were found to have been reported through any of these appropriate channels.

The report also aired a long-running accusation by the Teamsters union local representing Allegiant pilots that the airline discourages pilots from reporting mechanical problems with planes.

A spokesman for the airline, Vice President of Operations Eric Gust, called the 60 Minutes presentation "irresponsible" and "grossly misleading".

"We have reason to believe this story was instigated by a terminated employee", Allegiant wrote in a letter to employees. They said the story was based on outdated statistics - similar allegations were raised in 2016 by the Tampa Bay Times in Florida - and was prompted by a pilot who was sacked after ordering an emergency evacuation in which some passengers were injured.

Those serious incidents included aborted takeoffs, rapid descents, flight control malfunctions and midair engine failures.

The FAA is recognized around the world as the gold standard with regard to transportation safety, and as a result, the airline industry in the USA has never been safer. CBS stands by its reporting and said the 2015 incident is "just one of the incidents detailed in the report".

On its social media feed, Allegiant answered those who tweeted they were anxious by asking them to send a private message.

"True or false, that was 30 minutes of disgusting publicity for Allegiant", Joseph DeNardi, an airline analyst for Stifel, said of the "60 Minutes" broadcast. "But, according to federal aviation records and interviews with pilots, mechanics and industry experts, it may also be the most risky", CBS News' 60 Minutes reports. "There were no frills, but for the price of the tickets, we didn't expect any".

Payne says in relation to operating the airline at Concord-Padgett Regional Airport, the city must meet FAA and TSA requirements for security and safety, and that it works closely with Allegiant to plan and prepare for potential responses to emergency situations. "They must adhere to FAA rules and regulations and it appears they continue to do that".

Last July, 10 Allegiant planes had to make unscheduled landings, "60 Minutes" reported.

"Allegiant's workforce is made up of more than 4,000 dedicated and hard-working people who wake up every day thinking about how to move our customers safely from one place to another", Gust stated. We have safely carried almost 90 million passengers since beginning operations in 2001.

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