United suspends new reservations for pets in cargo hold

United suspends new reservations for pets in cargo hold

Last week, a small dog died after it was put in the overhead bin on a United flight. The airline says that it won't be accepting any new reservations until this process is complete, reports CNNMoney.

According to United's statement, the company expects to conclude its internal review by May 1.

Two days later, another United flight traveling from Newark to St. Louis made an unplanned landing in OH after crew members realized a dog meant to do to Akron had been mistakenly been loaded onto the craft's cargo.

On Thursday, a United flight carrying 33 passengers from Newark, New Jersey to St. Louis was diverted to Akron, Ohio, after the airline realized that a pet had been mistakenly loaded onto the wrong flight.

The second incident involved a PetSafe-fare dog accidentally shipped to Japan instead of Kansas City, Missouri, after a mix-up United said happened in Denver. However, only pets that fit in carriers placed under seats qualify.

The German shepherd was ultimately returned to its family.

PetSafe is a service that United Airlines offers that lets owners end their pets on flights.

United Continental Holdings Inc's (NYSE:UAL) United Airlines is temporarily suspending its PetSafe program.

Following three widely publicized pet-related incidents last week, United Airlines suspended its PetSafe travel offering "to conduct a thorough and systematic review", the Chicago-based airline said March 20.

United last week said it would put brightly colored tags on carriers containing pets in plane cabins, saying the flight attendant who ordered the carrier be put in the overhead bin didn't understand that there was a dog inside. United has been criticized it has had the most animal deaths in each of the last five years, with 18 of 24 last year. Still, other passengers on the plane said that the dog's owner alerted her several times that there was a dog in the bag.

It also handles the most pets of any airline, with 138,178 animals sent as cargo previous year out of 506,994, USA Today notes.

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