This Is Us season 2 finale recap: 'The Wedding'

This Is Us season 2 finale recap: 'The Wedding'

The forgotten t-shirt sent Kate into a total frenzy, which left her brothers - Kevin and Randall Pearson - to figure out which one of Jack's old possessions could be a suitable replacement. Let's break them down.

Two emotional toasts and several nail-biting moments later, This Is Us fans can finally start throwing some rice in the air; Kate and Toby are officially married. And there were teases of stories the show will deal with next season - Toby gets sick! She's still in it for Toby, of course - even gifting him the bow tie Leslie Nielsen wore in Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult the day before the wedding - but when it becomes clear that Toby forgot to bring Jack's shirt across the country, she's thrown for a loop.

Perhaps foremost, the season finale reinforced that the series is ready to move on, having spent enough time building up toward - and eventually revealing - the mystery surrounding Jack's death.

"It was layered with young Kate and current Kate and their relationship [with Jack]...or what the relationship could have been."

Randall and Beth are dealing with their own set of problems throughout "The Wedding".

Which of the revelations was the most shocking for you?

"It was such a process, because you have to think about practicality, functionality, what's Kate's taste, and the hair and the nails and the makeup and everything that any bride would think about". That might be connected to what she knows about her actual dad. Berger wouldn't say, but she did promise that there will be more flash-forwards throughout the third season. It's something that we're all working on.

"Kevin is basically running around, bending over backwards to make sure this loaded day without their father goes off without a hitch for his sister", Aptaker said. We now have a long, long hiatus in which to speculate. What happened from the time Kate and Toby said their "I do's" to when Toby found himself in life low? "Obviously, Deja has had nearly no relationship with him, but she may know more about him than we previously let on", Berger teased. Toby isn't looking forward to the auto ride with his parents who are divorced.

One contingent of fans is convinced that Beth could be dead in the future, especially considering Susan Kelechi Watson wasn't there.

This Is Us returns in Fall 2018 on NBC. In other words, it's one thing to be the parents of the groom, but when you're the parents of the bride, it's even more special. This Is Us definitely doesn't want to let fans settle in for a happy ending.

"I think we've all been holding our breath for a long time". And I'm not hung up on the literal definition of "seeing" her. It would make sense for it to be Deja that they were referencing, as her aforementioned violent turn could certainly serve as Exhibit A. Right away, Dan Fogelman's twist-filled family saga earned a reputation as the ultimate sobfest, but one that felt cathartic.

Looking back on the season two finale before looking ahead to season three, Chrissy Metz reflected on what the episode signified for Kate and her on-going struggle with the tragic death of her father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). Did waiting months to find out that Jack went into a burning house to save Kate's dog really make that fact any more meaningful than if we had simply learned it sometime in Season 1, as Kate gazed forlornly at his urn?

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