Samsung might end support for its Movie Maker following android P update

Samsung might end support for its Movie Maker following android P update

Samsung's new Galaxy S9 was found to be reasonably durable by JerryRigEverything last week although critically, the YouTube channel didn't perform any drop testing.

According to an evaluation by six European magazines including France's Que Choisir, Belgium's Test Aankoop and Portugal's Deco Proteste, the Galaxy S9 took top spots.

Internationally unveiled way back in October 2017, the Galaxy Tab Active2 is finally expanding to the United States today, although you shouldn't expect to find it on Amazon or at your local Best Buy store. This streak came to an end with the third facedown test when the tables got turned and the Samsung smartphone emerged almost unscathed and the Apple device got smashed to smithereens.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally receiving its full, stable Oreo update in the US.

Apple launched Animoji feature on iPhone X while Samsung also built similar feature, AR Emoji on its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Unfortunately, this design might not materialize on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, especially with reports that they are still dealing with issues in incorporating the in-display fingerprint sensor of their own design. Priced at $11.99 per month, Samsung Premium Care allows Samsung device owners to submit three accidental damage claims in a 12-month period with a $99 deductible required.

So for those of you regularly using your phone to edit your masterpieces, you'll probably want to scan the Play Store for a replacement. But they are rigid, and you can easily feel where the buttons are. This was the worst score of the year for any phone. As we have witnessed in the Galaxy Note 8, the phablet features a rear dual camera, 6GB of RAM and many other innovative features like live Gifs, which Galaxy S8 lacks.

Macrumors have put together both devices and compared Animoji and AR Emoji feature on their Youtube Channel.

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